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Archived Welsh Education News

Grants return for Welsh students. Poorer Welsh students are about to benefit from the limited return of grants ...More from the BBC

UK primary school pupils to take maths GCSE. Six bright spark pupils at a primary school are to take their maths GCSE this year - five years early. The pupils at Hirwaun Primary School, in Hirwaun, south Wales, were judged able to sit the exam alongside their 16-year-old peers due to their talent with numbers. The gifted group gets an extra hour of maths tuition every week in a class with the school's head teacher Andrew Manley, on top of the regular hour a day with the rest of their class ...More from Ananova

Welsh Assembly ditches tests for seven-year-olds. The Welsh Assembly has voted to ditch statutory tests for seven-year-olds. It will no longer be compulsory for youngsters to sit exams to test their ability at Key Stage 1. Assembly members have decided however to keep the Key Stage 2 test for 11-year-olds ...More from Ananova

Welsh-speaking children 'better at maths than English-speakers'. Children who speak Welsh can complete maths tests more easily than their English-speaking counterparts, say university experts. The discrepancy is said to be partly due to the fact Welsh numbers are named in a way which directly reflects their numerical properties ...More from Ananova

Welsh A level grades better than rest of UK. The Welsh Joint Education Committee examinations board says that A Level results in Wales have improved compared to last year. Their figures show that the overall pass rate has improved on last year by 0.6% to 94.3%. This figure beats the combined Wales, England and Northern Ireland average of 89.8%. The number of students gaining A Grades in Wales has also risen by 2.1% this year, accounting for 22.6% of the total ...More from Ananova

Welsh schools told to cut back on daffodils and dragons. Welsh schools have been told to reduce their use of stereotypical images of daffodils, sheep and dragon flags ...More from Ananova

Welsh school league tables abolished. League tables are to be abolished in secondary schools in Wales, almost a decade after they first appeared, the assembly announces ...More from the BBC

Welsh council allow school pupils to smoke in playground. Greenhill Special School, which has "severe behavioural problems," has made the controversial decision "to help run the school smoothly," says The Telegraph. In an unrelated story elsewhere in the paper, David Sapsted reports that a 15-year-old boy in Haverhill "needed treatment for shock after being locked in a police cell for five hours because his teacher caught him writing on a desk". And The Sun goes to Gloucester Primary in Peckham, where three Russian teachers are about to be joined by six Bulgarians in an effort to deal with a chronic staff shortage ...More from What The Papers Say

Pupil, 5, expelled after attack. Teachers in Wales have condemned violence against colleagues after a five-year-old boy was banned from school for punching a care worker. The boy who sparked the incident in Cardiff is thought to be one of the youngest to be excluded in this way ...More from the BBC

Test paper security breach feared. An investigation has begun into a potential breach of security involving test questions at a college in west Wales. BBC News Online has learned that a supposedly secret trial version of questions for a series of tests, currently being taken by students nationally, was put on a private website by a teacher at Carmarthenshire College ...More from the BBC

A seven year-old girl sues her school over earring ban. The girl, known only as "R", is challenging Cwmfelinfach Primary School in South Wales over its decision to ban the wearing of jewellery on health and safety grounds, says The Times... More from What The Papers Say

Welsh Education

  • Castles of Wales
  • CEWC-Cymru - Council for Education in World Citizenship
  • Cyfwe Contemporary Welsh literature and translations
  • Famous Welsh People
  • General Teaching Council for Wales
  • Higher Education Funding Council for Wales HEFCW
  • National Assembly for Wales
  • The National Assembly for Wales - Cymru
  • New York Welsh
  • Ninnau - Newspaper for North-American Welsh
  • Teachers' Pensions - Wales & England
  • Venedocia, Ohio - A Welsh village in America
  • Welsh Virtual Teacher Centre - Cymru
  • Welsh Costume
  • Welsh Development Office - North America
  • Welsh government and related organisations Education 2000

    A Selection of Welsh Primary Schools

  • Llanddulas School Colwyn Bay
  • Pennar Junior School Pembroke Dock
  • Ysgol Bryn Hedydd Rhyl
  • Ysgol Y Lawnt Rhymni

    Many more coming soon...

    A Selection of Welsh Secondary Schools

  • Mary Immaculate High School Cardiff
  • Porthcawl Comprehensive School Porthcawl
  • Welsh Secondary Schools
  • The Welsh School of Excellence for Conductive Education Cardiff
  • Ysgol Bryn Elian Colwyn Bay

    Many more coming soon...

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  • Jobs in Wales
  • Welsh Search Engine
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