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The following is an article taken from Choices Magazine after a visit to the Mystery Shopping Club.

"Wanted: Shopaholic nosey parker with excellent observational skills, a good ear and flexible attitude to part-time work. Anyone can apply. Work available in all areas. Must be prepared to eat free meals, enjoy shopping discounts and visit pubs - and be paid for it."

Believe it or not, the above job advertisement is not as far fetched as it sounds. If you love shopping, you'll be pleased to hear that it's possible to shop for a living. In fact, it's a multi-million pound industry for market research companies who employ "mystery shoppers" to shop up and down the country - all in the name of customer service and research.

There are a number of mystery shopping companies who organise whole armies of professional shoppers on behalf of retailers, pubs, restaurants, banks and other service industries. Their mission? To mingle in, look inconspicuous and file a report on anything from customer service to cleanliness in the restrooms.

If you visit one or two pubs in a night, you'll get your food and drink paid for, travel expenses and you'll be paid anything from £6.00 to £8.00 up for each visit.

But there is one problem with mystery shopping: truly dedicated shoppers never switch off from their work. You'll find yourself compulsively evaluating service and checking ceilings for cobwebs even when you're not on duty. It eventually becomes a part of your life.

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It is also used to separate two groups of words that would make sense as seperate sentences with linked ideas.

Example: We'll go to John's on Saturday; if that's not convenient let me know.

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    Archived Schools Articles in the Media
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    UK Baccalaureate will replace A levels and GCSEs by 2010. An announcement by Charles Clarke, the Education Secretary, and David Miliband, the School Standards Minister effectively pensions off A levels and GCSEs at the end of this decade ...More from The Times

    School fees won't buy a good degree. Britain's most expensive private schools produce pupils who achieve the worst results at university, according to an eight-year study of graduates ...More from The Times

    Stars back UK school music campaign. Julian Lloyd Webber and Sir James Galway call for music to be a central part of the national curriculum ...More from the BBC

    Science for 11-year-olds: trigger a bomb. A UK government briefing document, which tells science teachers how to engage pupils' interest, includes the suggestion that they "use ball-bearings to make tilt switches for bombs" ...More from The Times

    Schoolgirl invents Wallace and Gromit style bed. A German schoolgirl has invented a Wallace and Gromit-style bed that makes people get up in the morning. Teenager Iris Koser calls her invention "The Merciless Bed" ...More from Ananova

    US Study: PDAs good for education. A new report from SRI finds that handhelds can be effective tools in the classroom. Over 90 % of teachers who used them with their classes say that handhelds can have a positive impact on learning ...More from Wired News

    Schools report using computers less. Questions are asked after a big fall in the extent to which schools in England say they make "substantial" use of computers ...More from the BBC

    Untrained staff to teach in classroom shake-up. Thousands of unqualified staff are to be recruited to take lessons in schools under government plans to reform the teaching profession ...More from The Times

    London schools put broadband on the curriculum. A broadband network which will supply all London's secondary and primary schools with internet access is now live. The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is the result of 33 of London's local education authorities (LEAs) teaming up to enable kids and teachers to learn and communicate more effectively. ...More from

    UK children to get £40 a week to study A levels. A £600 million scheme to extend educational maintenance allowances across the country will be at the heart of a three-year spending review ...More from the Times

    Families fight for special schools. Parents of children with learning difficulties are upset by Gloucestershire's plan to shut their schools ...More from the BBC

    Half of truants found with parents. A month-long series of truancy patrols in England catch 12,500 children out of school, half of whom were with their mother or father ...More from the BBC

    The overlap between schools and crime. Drugs, truancy, prison, exclusions ... that'll be education then ...More from the BBC

    Schools demand 'biblical right to smack children'. Private Christian schools in the UK must be allowed to smack pupils with parents' consent, the Court of Appeal has heard. Forty schools, spearheaded by the Christian Fellowship School in Liverpool, want a change in the law to allow them to use corporal punishment. Their attempt to challenge legislation banning smacking in schools by claiming it did not apply to independents was rejected by the High Court last year ...More from Ananova

    Teachers: Stressed or stroppy? Are teachers overworked? Or have they got a cushy deal? BBC education correspondent Mike Baker investigates ...More from the BBC

    A Satellite Baby-Sitting Service. Soon, parents can equip their kids with bracelets that allow them to track their movements on the Internet. Not good enough? Try an implantable GPS device secreted under the skin ...More from Wired News

    UK boarding school numbers on the rise. Half a million children are being educated privately and boarding school numbers are up for only the second time in 20 years. The annual Independent Schools Council census shows the number of children sent away to study has risen by 1%. It is the first rise since 1987 when they were up by 0.2%, while overall pupil numbers are up 1.7%, or 8,463, to 500,966 ...More from Ananova partners with Boots. has partnered with Boots, one of the best known retail names in the UK, to bring our visitors discussions and scheduled chats about parenting, relationships, beauty, mens health, health, fitness & nutrition ...More from the Boots Discussion and Chat Areas - Internal Link

    Where next for royal education? BBC education correspondent Mike Baker questions whether the offspring of Princes William and Harry should go to state schools ...More from the BBC

    'Let in state pupils with lower grades'. UK state school pupils should be allowed into university with lower A-level grades than applicants from independent schools, a minister has said ...More from the Times

    UK councils 'support six-term school year'. A six-term school year has been backed by a poll of local education authority officials which found most supporting the idea. The "informal" survey by the Local Government Association found an "overwhelming majority" of education officers liked the idea. The plans include four six-week and two seven-week terms with a fortnight's break in October and time for more general study after summer exams ...More from Ananova

    'Creationism' in UK schools attacked. Religious fundamentalism should not be allowed to damage science teaching, says the Liberal Democrat education spokesman ...More from the BBC

    Parents say teachers cause misbehaviour. Parents say "unfair treatment" by teachers is a big reason why children misbehave in school ...More from the BBC

    UK colleges to offer 'Beckham A level'. Around 200 colleges will be offering young footballers the chance to study for a BTEC Sport. Premier League clubs are behind the idea which hopes to persuade boys to take up the course. The new diploma will see youngsters analysing the psychology behind the success of teams like Manchester United, study the ethics of sport and learn about the science of nutrition and fitness ...More from Ananova

    Pupils to get cash in exam results incentive. Pupils at a British secondary school are to be paid up to £300 each in an incentive scheme to boost exam results. St George Community College, Bristol, an LEA-funded 11-18 comprehensive in Lawrence Hill, has devised the plan to motivate children in their GCSEs ...More from Ananova

    British universities 'ignoring AS-levels'. Head teachers warn that students will not want to take AS-levels if universities do not take them into account when offering places ...More from the BBC

    Former UK chief schools inspector Chris Woodhead announces plan to start his own chain of schools. After railing for years against falling school standards, Mr Woodhead is looking for up £70 million ($100m) to turn his plans for a "branded chain of schools" into a reality, reports The Telegraph ...More from What The Papers Say

    New justice system guide for UK schools. Judges have launched a guide aimed at explaining the justice system to schoolchildren. The Lord Chancellor's Department aims to increase the number of educational court trips. The plan is to make pupils understand how justice works for criminals, victims and witnesses ...More from Ananova

    Special orders curbing pupils. Schools are finding that the threat of special orders intended for aggressive adults can work in taming unruly pupils ...More from the BBC

    UK breakfast clubs 'cut truancy and boost pupils' performance'. Breakfast clubs where pupils can get breakfast as they get started on the school day help to cut truancy and bad behaviour and boost academic performance, a survey showed today. Three quarters of schools running clubs said they had a positive effect on attendance and punctuality, while 80% said children concentrated better during morning lessons ...More from Ananova

    Action over term-time holidays. A growing number of parents are taking their children away on holiday during the school term, education welfare officers warn ...More from the BBC

    Playground plans. Charities have welcomed the UK government's decision to draw up guidelines on making play areas more accessible ...More from You're Able

    Education shake-up aims to boost post-16 schooling. The UK Government has launched a concerted drive to keep all children at school beyond 16. In a shake-up of secondary education, Education Secretary Estelle Morris unveiled "overarching awards" to mark the 14 to 19 phase of schooling. The proposal is included in a Green Paper that paves the way for bright youngsters to bypass GCSEs altogether except English, maths, science and information technology ...More from Ananova

    'Murder' of the national curriculum. BBC correspondent Mike Baker investigates the "death" of the national curriculum in schools in England ...More from the BBC

    UK watchdog praises teaching standards. The quality of teaching in England's schools is better than ever, but teacher shortages threaten standards, says a schools watchdog ...More from the BBC

    Children's spelling worsening. Children's spelling in England is getting worse, if the national tests for 11 year olds are anything to go by. Problem words were: Serious, surprise, nastiest, designed, regardless, attempts and individual - and especially, technique ...More from the BBC

    'Poorly paid' British teachers admit they have enough cash. A new survey shows most teachers feel they have enough money and take at least two foreign holidays a year. The findings contrast with the popular image of teaching as a poorly-paid profession. Seven out of 10 teachers in the survey admitted they're 'comfortably off' and nine out of 10 own their own home ...More from Ananova

    UK teachers set for day a week outside classroom. Teachers are set to stay out of the classroom for the equivalent of one day a week during term time. Education Secretary Estelle Morris signalled the move in a letter to the profession's pay body. There has long been talk of classroom assistants taking up a greater share of teachers' more mundane administrative and supervisory work ...More from Ananova

    UK vocational schools under scrutiny. The Conservative Party's education spokesperson has visited Germany to see how vocational training is part of the school system ...More from the BBC

    Video link to keep UK kids learning in hospital. More children in hospital will be able to stay on top of their schoolwork thanks to a £250,000 (US$375,000) investment in the internet. The project will extend internet access and video conferencing to paediatric wards across the country. Youngsters will be able to access national curriculum materials from their beds and send work to teachers ...More from Ananova

    UK school experiments with pupils' smoking area. A school in Chester set up a smoking area for pupils to try to encourage them to stop. Pupils at Christleton High School in Chester are allowed to smoke behind the sports hall. The school says it wants to help pupils who admit to smoking during school time ...More from Ananova

    New grade for A level elite. Downing Street are drawing up plans to introduce a higher mark for the brightest UK pupils ...More from the Times

    UK Education Secretary unveils vision of classroom of the future. A vision of the classroom of the future, with electronic whiteboards and laptops for pupils, has been unveiled by Education Secretary Estelle Morris. She used a keynote speech to the BETT 2002 computer exhibition at London's Olympia to set out some of her ideas on how tomorrow's schools might look. The Government has already spent £10 million on a "classroom of the future" experiment launched in 2001 ...More from Ananova

    30 UK schools to pioneer teacher reforms. Thirty schools are to be asked to pioneer the Government's plans for reforming the teaching profession. The so-called "launchpad" primaries and secondaries will share £4 million. It will fund items such as free laptop computers for all teachers who work in them and extra training for classroom assistants ...More from Ananova

    Teachers 'fast-track Harry Potter lookalikes'. UK teachers are more likely to pick out gifted children if they have Harry Potter looks, says new research. Professor Joan Freeman claims small boys with glasses are likely to give the impression they are intelligent. She says the popularity of the Harry Potter books and film is compounding the problem ...More from Ananova

    Supermarket sweep nets four new teachers. A UK headteacher has recruited four new teachers after setting up a stall in his local supermarket. David Wilmot spent two days collecting applications from shoppers. He followed up every lead and has now filled all but one of the vacancies ...More from Ananova

    London school plans to teach in 'up to 65 languages'. A London school whose pupils speak 65 different languages between them is hoping to teach subjects in each child's mother tongue. Teachers at White Hart Lane School are being encouraged to learn at least one other foreign language for lessons like maths and science. Headteacher David Daniels, who is learning Somali and Albanian, says it will help foreign pupils settle into the curriculum while they learn English ...More from Ananova

    UK maths teachers halved since 1983. The UK government is facing a huge new hurdle in its education revolution - a collapse in the number of maths teachers ...More from the Times

    UK education chiefs back school terms shake-up. A radical shake-up of the British school year has moved a step closer. Local education authorities have published final proposals for doubling the number of terms to six. But teaching unions remain firmly against the six term year, claiming it would mean a lot of pain for no gain ...More from Ananova

    Good behaviour pupils could get Disneyland reward. Teenagers could be given trips to Disneyland as a reward for good behaviour at school under a new scheme. They could also pick up tickets for football and cricket matches. The £1 million ($1.5 million) scheme in Southwark, London will see 8,000 11 to 15-year-olds issued with "smartcards" which contain a microchip and record of their attendance ...More from Ananova

    British children among best educated in world. A study has found British pupils are near the top of the world league table in maths, English and science. The UK comes in the top 10 of a 32-country league table by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. But the research also shows Britain has one of the worst records of any industrialised nation, at getting pupils from poor families to do well ...More from Ananova

    UK schools keeping bullies in class because of Government targets. Headteachers claim pressure from the Government to reduce exclusions has led teachers to keep bullies in class. The allegation from a headteachers' association comes after the suicides of two teenagers who had complained of bullying. But it is warning that schools keeping bullies in lessons could be open to prosecution under the Human Rights Act for allowing pupils to be subjected to degrading treatment ...More from Ananova

    UK problem schools to get computers to track truants. Comprehensive schools where truancy is a big problem, are to get hand-held computers to keep track of pupils. Six hundred secondary schools in England are to be supplied with the equipment, which will ensure persistent truants can be tracked from lesson to lesson. The system will cost £11.25 million ($17 million) ...More from Ananova

    Children paid to attend lessons. Pupils at a once notorious school in West Yorkshire are being offered cash to attend lessons. Children at the Ridings School could earn more than £60 ($90) a year if they go to all their classes. A temporary 'superhead' was hired in 1996 to turn around the failing school in Ovenden, then described as the worst in Britain ...More from Ananova

    Lad culture' holding boys back at school. Teenage boys who underachieve at state schools could be ignoring their work because they believe it's not masculine to study, according to research. The report found their counterparts at public schools had the opposite attitude to academic success reflecting the high expectations placed on them by their teachers and fee-paying parents. State pupils saw resisting authority as the key to popularity ...More from Ananova

    Better results at specialist schools. Specialist schoolsí GCSE results were ten percentage points better than those of other comprehensives this summer, according to an unpublished analysis ...More from the Times

    John Lennon added to UK national curriculum. John Lennon has been added to the national curriculum in an attempt to recognise popular culture. The topic will form part of a course exploring social and technological changes since 1930. Teachers of children between nine and 11 can discuss Lennon's life and lyrics but are being warned about danger areas like drugs, moral issues and unsuitable vocabulary in his work. ...More from Ananova

    Ofsted may use pupils' reports on teachers. Pupils may get the chance to write reports on their teachers under plans for a shake-up of school inspections. Education watchdog Ofsted says questionnaires completed by children could in future be included in evidence gathered by its inspectors when they visit ...More from Ananova

    Pupils hear from horse whisperer. Teachers at a school in Birmingham, UK are adopting the methods of a world-famous horse whisperer. Monty Roberts is credited with revolutionising the way horses around the world are trained but he says his methods work equally well on people ...More from the BBC

    UK Education and Skills Secretary Estelle Morris announces plan for increased private sector involvement in schools. Under the terms of the White Papers presented yesterday, "failing" schools will be forced to accept tenders from private firms, non-profit organisations and other schools, reports The Independent. "If it was April 1st, I could understand it," says Graham Lane, chairman of the Local Government Association, quoted in The Mirror ...More from What The Papers Say

    UK government urges teachers to take computer training. Almost every school in England has an internet connection but thousands of teachers have yet to sign up for free computer training. Schools minister Baroness Ashton says 96% of primaries and over 99% of secondaries are hooked up to the worldwide web ...More from Ananova

    Star pupils to be offered specialist holiday courses. Some of the UK's brainiest children are to be given the chance to study subjects they would not normally cover at state school, such as archaeology and biotechnology. The opportunity will be given to star pupils selected to attend the planned Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth that will be set up at a university in time for the 2003 summer holidays ...More from Ananova

    An A-level in four lessons. A UK sixth former casts doubt on the standards of exams, after scoring a C in A-level business studies with four hours of private tuition ...More from the BBC

    UK Parents win admissions row. The parents of four children win the legal right to send their children to the same school as their older brothers and sisters ...More from the BBC

    Grades rise after text message teaching tip plan. UK education officials who used mobile phone text messages to encourage GCSE students to revise saw results improve by six times the national rate. Students in Knowsley, Merseyside, received a "soap opera" about three GCSE hopefuls in the form of 60 text messages over nine weeks. ...More from Ananova

    Boys' grades improve by sitting next to girls. Boys made to sit next to girls during lessons have seen a huge improvement in their grades. Teachers in Essex, UK, hit on the plan after realising the girls were doing so much better in exams. The new seating arrangements have been going on for the past three years and have resulted in a 13% improvement in the boys' grades ...More from Ananova

    US-style school buses introduced in UK villages. American-style yellow school buses are to be introduced in rural villages under a scheme which will save more than 27,000 car journeys a year. The door-to-door services will transport more than 100 children aged four to 11 to schools in Pennine villages in West Yorkshire ...More from Ananova

    Helicopters to cut school arson - UK. Helicopters are being used by police on Merseyside to try to protect schools from arson attacks during the holidays ...More from the BBC

    London gang leaders turn on violence. Former gang leaders who carry scars from their violent playground battles are being used to try to deter other children from violence. They are promoting a new anti-violence course which has been piloted at three schools in the London borough of Tower Hamlets over the past year. The scheme, called simply the Non-Violence Project, is now being made available to schools across Britain ...More from the BBC

    Foster child Suzanne Turley secures her place at Gordonstoun. The 16 year-old will "soon be following in the footsteps of three generations of the Royal Family" after overcoming the objections of social workers who told her that they disapproved of her grandparents' plans to send her to private school, reports The Telegraph ...More from What The Papers Say

    UK Pupils could face a four-day week. A four-day week could be on the cards for many pupils because of teacher shortage. It is the result of an arrangement being forged between teaching unions and local education authorities. The teacher shortage has meant new flexibilities have been negotiated locally in a bid to cut down on the rising number of hours teachers work ...More from ITN

    I think, therefore I do Latin. Bright pupils in a group of Leeds secondary schools are taking after-school classes in Latin to help boost their analytical skills. The idea came from teachers in half a dozen schools who collaborate on devising programmes to help their most gifted pupils ...More from the BBC

    Parents paid to oversee exams. A UK secondary school is paying parents to invigilate in exams - freeing its teachers for more important work ...More from the BBC

    Disney forces UK school production of Lion King to close. A four-night school production of the hit musical has been cancelled after months of hard work by 50 pupils at the Nicolson Institute, Stornoway reports The Telegraph. The film company is not challenging the school over its use of songs by Elton John and Tim Rice, but rather insists "that the plot must not be re-enacted" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Pupil, 5, expelled after attack. Teachers in Wales have condemned violence against colleagues after a five-year-old boy was banned from school for punching a care worker. The boy who sparked the incident in Cardiff is thought to be one of the youngest to be excluded in this way ...More from the BBC

    Shorts protest leads to expulsions. A UK secondary school has expelled three pupils after a disturbance which began with a demand for boys to be allowed to wear shorts ...More from the BBC

    Text messages in war against UK school truancy. Schools in London and Leicester are using mobile phone text messages to clamp down on pupils who play truant. Teachers will take the morning register on an internet phone, scrolling down a list of names on the screen. If a pupil is absent, the teacher will press a key which triggers an automatic text message to his or her parents ...More from the BBC

    School Pupils use mobile phones from the classroom to complain about teachers, UK teacher's leader claims. The National Association of Head Teachers conference has heard how parents have been appearing at schools to complain after being phoned by their children during class. General secretary David Hart, quoted in the Guardian, told delegates in Harrogate: 'Sometimes the irate parents would be knocking at the school door to remonstrate with the head before she had a clue about the incidents in question.'" ...More from What The Papers Say

    UK Teachers back six-term year. Radical proposals to change the three-term school year are backed by teachers, pupils and parents in a survey ...More from the BBC

    Cash bonus for top principals - Heads are moving towards City-style bonuses. Head teachers of successful schools in New York are to receive cash bonuses worth up to $15,000 (approx. UK £10,000). These business-style bonuses will be made to the principals of the 300 most-improved schools, in a move that follows prolonged debate about how to offer incentives to successful heads. In the United Kingdom, head teachers have called for such bonuses, calling for a cultural shift in how leaders in education are rewarded ...More from the BBC

    Bribes that buy exam success. The days when children received a bike as their reward for good exam grades have passed. Cars, holidays and unlimited supplies of pocket money are now being offered as parents adopt increasingly mercenary tactics to drive up results, according to new research ...More from the Times

    Anti-grammar school data wrong. A professor of education who claimed that UK comprehensives did better than grammar schools has retracted his conclusions, saying that there were serious flaws in data provided by the Government ...More from the Telegraph

    Changes mean five exams in one day for UK pupils. Confusion is looming in the country's examination halls as changes to the A-level system puts pupils, teachers and examiners under strain ...More from the Times

    UK Teenagers face testing time with GCSE changes. Teachers are unprepared for wholesale changes to GSCE courses to be introduced in the new school year, examiners claim ...More from the Times

    Study into how British teachers work. Education ministers and unions agree a joint working party to review what teachers do, as part of a move to cut their workload ...More from the BBC

    UK's Teachers' unions unite to demand a 35-hour week. Ministers face unprecedented pressure to cut teachers' workloads after another big union joins campaign for a 35-hour week in state schools ...More from the Times

    Twenty denied school places. Twenty children have been refused places at secondary schools in Northamptonshire, England next term because of a lack of space ...More from the BBC

    UK Teachers' workload to be reviewed. The government agrees to an independent review of teachers' work as the biggest unions call off their action over staff shortages ...More from the BBC

    UK Teachers warn of worse class shortages. The shortage of classroom teachers could be worsen next year despite healthy numbers in training courses, a teachers' leader said...More from the Times

    Eton, the UK's most famous school, bans big business from its picnic. Parents of boys at Eton College have been reprimanded for turning the schoolís annual Fourth of June celebrations into a vulgar display of corporate hospitality. John Lewis, Etonís Head Master, has written to tell parents that the occasion, the high point of the schoolís calendar, must not be used to entertain business contacts. Just in case his message isnít clear, he adds helpfully: "This is the reverse of an encouragement" ...More from the Times

    Pupils and heads win more exam appeals. UK head teachers have been accused of "playing games" to win pupils higher GCSE and A-level grades and push their schools up the league tables by challenging results ...More from the Times

    Bid to cut truancy with technology. UK children could soon be registering at school with swipe cards under Government plans to cut truancy ...More from ITN

    UK Education Secretary unveils £400 million education recruitment spending package. David Blunkett hopes to improve standards of literacy and numeracy by recruiting more teaching assistants according to the Guardian... More from What The Papers Say

    Schools Debate. The discussion on UK comprehensives rolls on with articles by Tony Blair and William Hague in the Times and Telegraph respectively. The Tory leader promises to allow state schools to become wholly selective if they wish, but Simon Jenkins of the Times mounts a strong defence of comprehensives and attacks Mr Blair for electoral posturing. "It is the schooling of the dull, not the bright, that is now most critical to Britain's future. Why take their schools, insult them as 'bog-standard' and then thrust them deeper in the bog," Jenkins laments... More from the Times

    Children 'should be freer to roam internet'. Children should take a "surfing proficiency test" at 11 to allow them a freer ride on the information superhighway, says a leading thinktank... More from the Guardian UK

    UK School inspectors to be trained on race OFSTED, the schools watchdog for England, will begin this autumn to train inspectors to be more aware of race issues... More from the Guardian

    National Curriculum Assessment Tests. How is your child doing at school? Do you know how you can find out more? To see an on-line guide all about the national tests and when they are taken... More from the DfES UK.

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  • Alec Hunter High School Braintree
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  • Ashfield School Nottingham
  • Aveley School
  • Aylesbury High Aylesbury
  • The American School in London London
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  • Arts Educational School Chiswick
  • Ash Manor School Ash
  • Ashbourne College
  • Ashbourne Sixth Form College London
  • Ashcroft High School Luton
  • Ashville College Harrogate
  • Astor of Hever School, The Maidstone
  • Audley Park Comprehensive School Torquay
  • Aylesbury Grammar School Aylesbury

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