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    Archived primary school related articles in the media

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    Untrained staff to teach in classroom shake-up. Thousands of unqualified staff are to be recruited to take lessons in schools under government plans to reform the teaching profession ...More from The Times

    London schools put broadband on the curriculum. A broadband network which will supply all London's secondary and primary schools with internet access is now live. The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is the result of 33 of London's local education authorities (LEAs) teaming up to enable kids and teachers to learn and communicate more effectively. ...More from

    World Bank pushes 'education for all'. Plans to ensure universal primary education are backed by finance ministers meeting in Washington ...More from the BBC

    Teachers: Stressed or stroppy? Are teachers overworked? Or have they got a cushy deal? BBC education correspondent Mike Baker investigates ...More from the BBC

    A primary teacher's working day. As an official review suggests teachers should work fewer hours, BBC News Online profiles the working day of one primary school teacher ...More from the BBC

    A Satellite Baby-Sitting Service. Soon, parents can equip their kids with bracelets that allow them to track their movements on the Internet. Not good enough? Try an implantable GPS device secreted under the skin ...More from Wired News

    An Expertise That Helps All Students Grow. Wall space is precious real estate in the third-grade social studies classroom of teacher Gloria Bryan, Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary ...More from the Washington Post partners with Boots. has partnered with Boots, one of the best known retail names in the UK, to bring our visitors discussions and scheduled chats about parenting, relationships, beauty, mens health, health, fitness & nutrition ...More from the Boots Discussion and Chat Areas - Internal Link

    Calculators 'not used enough' in lessons. Primary school pupils in England are not taught to use calculators enough in their daily maths lessons, inspectors say ...More from the BBC

    Where next for royal education? BBC education correspondent Mike Baker questions whether the offspring of Princes William and Harry should go to state schools ...More from the BBC

    UK councils 'support six-term school year'. A six-term school year has been backed by a poll of local education authority officials which found most supporting the idea. The "informal" survey by the Local Government Association found an "overwhelming majority" of education officers liked the idea. The plans include four six-week and two seven-week terms with a fortnight's break in October and time for more general study after summer exams ...More from Ananova

    Parents say teachers cause misbehaviour. Parents say "unfair treatment" by teachers is a big reason why children misbehave in school ...More from the BBC

    School refuses to put plasters on children's grazed knees. An Australian primary school is refusing to give plasters to children who graze themselves. Teachers at St Mary's in Whittlesea, Victoria, fear legal action if the plasters get stuck to the wounds. The school has also banned the use of antiseptic. Pupils are taking their own plasters to school in their lunchboxes ...More from Ananova

    Starred grades for infants' tests. New, starred exam grades could be introduced for the brightest pupils as young as seven in England ...More from the BBC

    Action over term-time holidays. A growing number of parents are taking their children away on holiday during the school term, education welfare officers warn ...More from the BBC

    UK primary school pupils to take maths GCSE. Six bright spark pupils at a primary school are to take their maths GCSE this year - five years early. The pupils at Hirwaun Primary School, in Hirwaun, south Wales, were judged able to sit the exam alongside their 16-year-old peers due to their talent with numbers. The gifted group gets an extra hour of maths tuition every week in a class with the school's head teacher Andrew Manley, on top of the regular hour a day with the rest of their class ...More from Ananova

    Playground plans. Charities have welcomed the UK government's decision to draw up guidelines on making play areas more accessible ...More from You're Able

    Language lessons for UK primary schools. The government is set to announce targets which will introduce modern language lessons to all primary schools in England ...More from the BBC

    Why I choose to be a supply teacher. UK primary school teacher Lorrayn Webber explains why she prefers the flexibility of a supply post ...More from the BBC

    UK teachers set for day a week outside classroom. Teachers are set to stay out of the classroom for the equivalent of one day a week during term time. Education Secretary Estelle Morris signalled the move in a letter to the profession's pay body. There has long been talk of classroom assistants taking up a greater share of teachers' more mundane administrative and supervisory work ...More from Ananova

    UK primary pupils take delivery of US yellow buses. A delegation of primary pupils have taken delivery of the first fleet of American yellow school buses to be operated commercially in the UK. The youngsters from Heptonstall Junior and Infant School, in West Yorkshire, are the first to benefit from the scheme. It will see the distinctive single-deckers introduced into rural villages ...More from Ananova

    Schoolchildren struggle to identify fruit and veg. A survey of British schoolchildren shows some struggle to identify popular fruit and vegetables. A third thought cabbage was lettuce, 17% didn't know what a cauliflower looked like, and some even confused melons with celery. One in five of the eight to ten-year-olds said they had never even tasted broccoli while one in ten hadn't tried cabbage ...More from Ananova

    Parents stunned as class has 13 teachers in 14 weeks. A UK primary school class of eight-year-olds has had 13 teachers in just 14 weeks. None of the teachers at High Greave Junior School in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, lasted more than a fortnight. According to The Sun newspaper, several only stayed for little more than a day ...More from Ananova

    UK chancellor to pledge 10m for Commonwealth primary education. Chancellor Gordon Brown is pledging 10 million (approx.$15m) to promote primary education throughout the Commonwealth. Mr Brown says the Government will match the cash raised pound for pound ...More from Ananova

    Welsh Assembly ditches tests for seven-year-olds. The Welsh Assembly has voted to ditch statutory tests for seven-year-olds. It will no longer be compulsory for youngsters to sit exams to test their ability at Key Stage 1. Assembly members have decided however to keep the Key Stage 2 test for 11-year-olds ...More from Ananova

    30 UK schools to pioneer teacher reforms. Thirty schools are to be asked to pioneer the Government's plans for reforming the teaching profession. The so-called "launchpad" primaries and secondaries will share 4 million. It will fund items such as free laptop computers for all teachers who work in them and extra training for classroom assistants ...More from Ananova

    UK education chiefs back school terms shake-up. A radical shake-up of the British school year has moved a step closer. Local education authorities have published final proposals for doubling the number of terms to six. But teaching unions remain firmly against the six term year, claiming it would mean a lot of pain for no gain ...More from Ananova

    Ofsted point finger at reading hour. Ofsted says UK primary schools must do better at teaching children how to work on their own during the literacy hour. The education watchdog says the proportion of lessons where this is unsatisfactory has risen from one in six to one in five over the last year. The findings come in its latest reports on national literacy and numeracy strategies ...More from Ananova

    Primary schools hit by staff shortages. Teacher shortages are largely responsible for a dip in progress towards Government targets for improved literacy and numeracy at primary schools, say inspectors ...More from the Times

    Tests set to seek out 'world class' pupils. Tough new tests designed for bright children aged nine, or even younger, have being launched in the UK. The so-called World Class Tests will be voluntary and are designed to stretch the ablest youngsters. According to the Department for Education and Skills, they will also be available in countries such as the US, Hong Kong and New Zealand ...More from Ananova

    Welsh Assembly scraps tests for seven-year-olds. Controversial tests for seven-year-olds are to be scrapped in Wales. Wales's education minister Jane Davidson said the tests have proved unpopular and would stop immediately. The move applies to Wales only and officials at the Department for Education and Skills say there are no similar plans for England ...More from Ananova

    Performance gap widest in Europe for UK's one-parent pupils. Children from UK one-parent families fare worse in school tests than those in other European countries. US researchers say the difference is linked to poverty and weak family policies. A team from Pennsylvania State University analysed the test results of nearly 100,000 nine-year-olds who took part in an international maths and science study ...More from Ananova

    UK parents fail homework test. New research reveals many parents are unlikely to be able to help children with their homework. A thousand adults were asked to answer questions normally aimed at 7 to 11 year olds in Key Stage Two tests. Not one scored ten out of ten. The average score was just 4 out of 10 and 59% of the parents scored less than 40% ...More from Ananova

    UK government urges teachers to take computer training. Almost every school in England has an internet connection but thousands of teachers have yet to sign up for free computer training. Schools minister Baroness Ashton says 96% of primaries and over 99% of secondaries are hooked up to the worldwide web ...More from Ananova

    Parlez-vous francais? BBC education correspondent Mike Baker argues the case for languages to be taught in primary schools ...More from the BBC

    Is my six-year-old son too young to have a GameBoy? Join the Times Parent Forum. Visitors are invited to suggest solutions to a parenting problem such as the one above and to offer advice, preferably based on their own experiences ...More from the Times Parent Forum

    Two boys, a paper gun and a heap of trouble. When 8-year-old Hamadi Alston pointed a paper gun at his classmates and announced, "I'm going to kill you all," he said he was only playing cops and robbers. But his words launched him and a classmate on a grim trip through the juvenile justice system ...More from the Washington Post

    Too stressed to go to school. Health experts are calling for primary schools to focus more on dealing with mental health problems. Jenny might be just 10 years old, but she is already carrying the worries of her entire family on her shoulders ...More from the BBC

    Toys Are Made for Tinkering. Attention those who color within the lines: An MIT Media Lab researcher says the worst toys are those that are all about rules and instructions, while the best toys encourage that the rules be broken ...More from Wired News

    Pupil, 5, expelled after attack. Teachers in Wales have condemned violence against colleagues after a five-year-old boy was banned from school for punching a care worker. The boy who sparked the incident in Cardiff is thought to be one of the youngest to be excluded in this way ...More from the BBC

    Court in the act. John had stolen a bike - "just for a laugh" and now he was finding out the consequences of what happens when you break the law. In fact, his real name was Joe, and along with the rest of his class of 10- and 11-year-olds, he was finding out how the legal process works by taking part in a mock court case, as part of an innovative citizenship project believed to be the first of its kind for primary schools ...More from the BBC

    Do You Know Where Your Kids Are? Give your boy or girl a knapsack shaped like a stuffed animal and you'll always know where they are. How? Because it's equipped with a GPS device. Siemens is test-driving the gadget in Germany... More from Wired News

    The league tables. Scan the test league results for English primary schools... More from the Times

    How Got All Dolled Up. How can girls' sites better appeal to girls? Mattel hired 26 of them for its board of directors so they could find out... More from Wired News

    Do you remember the old school Yardies? The UK primary school where crack dealers and yardies came calling - for the headteacher Angela Ellis was headteacher of a north London primary school. She was highly regarded and even praised by Ofsted for her originality and vision. But then life spun out of control. Friends and family got caught up in crack cocaine and ran up huge debts. Yardie gangsters came calling at the school gates. She had a gun put to her head. Pleas for help to the local education authority went largely ignored. Now, out of a job and in despair, she tells her extraordinary story... More from the Guardian

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  • Abberley Hall Preparatory School Worcester Worcestershire
  • Abbey School, The Woodbridge
  • Abbotsford Prep School Manchester
  • Abingdon School
  • Ackworth School Ackworth
  • Acle St. Edmund Primary School Acle
  • Aldro School Godalming
  • Alice Ottley School Worcester
  • All Souls JMI Westminster
  • All Souls Primary School London
  • Allenbourn Middle School Wimborne
  • Alleyn's School London
  • Allfarthing School Wandsworth
  • Almondbury CE Infant and Nursery School Huddersfield
  • Ambleside Primary School Ambleside
  • Amesbury Junior School Salisbury
  • Amington Heath Primary School Amington Heath
  • Ampleforth College Junior School Gilling
  • Anlaby Acre Heads Primary School Hull
  • Anlaby Acre Heads Primary School
  • Arbour Vale School Slough
  • Ascham House School Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Ashleigh Primary School Darwen
  • Ashwood Park Primary School Stourbridge
  • Atherley School, The Southampton
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