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Privacy Policy

It is the policy of ed-u.com to respect the privacy of its users and understand that they have a choice as to whether they wish to receive communications from us or not.

As an infomediary we make data available to people interested in improving the quality of information and educational product promotions they receive. Occasionally, e-mails will be sent to users who have previously communicated with ed-u.com to inform them of features, products or services they have expressed an interest in or may find useful. Unless they have opted out, a user's information may be shared with other parties for marketing purposes.

The free ed-u.com newsletter is sent only to those who have requested it. Subscription may be cancelled at any time.

Users may choose to opt out of receiving newsletters or marketing communications at any time by replying to such communications with the word "unsubscribe" typed in the subject field of their e-mail software.

Users' sessions and IP addresses will be tracked with logging software for analytical and statistical purposes, but the actual user will be anonymous. IP addresses are not linked to anything personally identifiable apart from information contained within the e-mail address itself i.e j.smith@example.com.

Users' e-mail addresses are stored in an off-line database.

Whilst it is not our intention to do so, ed-u.com reserve the right to change its policies and terms at any time. Any such changes will be posted on this page.

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