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Special Feature

Online Education Offers New Opportunities to Non-Traditional Students

What makes one student smarter than another? Or, what makes one student more dedicated than the rest of the class? At one of the toughest engineering schools in the country, three students graduated at the top of their class, but two were way ahead of the other, who had a family and full-time job as he was going to school full-time. He couldn't change his circumstances and it was his education that was going to provide for his family in the long-run. His case was something not unlike many students who make school work because they have to, but there are even more acute cases of non-traditional students, such as those who deal with handicaps and restrictive work schedules that simply can't perform well with rigid schedules. What about students who just prefer independent study? Online education has revolutionized college courses and degrees around the country. It makes earning an education simple and more accessible. While some research is necessary to find accredited online degrees, students may find that they can work, take care of family or other obligations, and have a better college experience.

The real benefit that online education offers to students is flexibility. There's no questions that there are hundreds of degrees being offered online, and as long as you meet admission requirements, you can start earning that degree from home within two years. In addition, there's no limitation to the degree level. Whether you need a bachelor's degree or master's degree, online education has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, providing graduate students with a comfortable research center right in their own homes. Training and certification programs are also available through colleges and universities, who offer some amazing online benefits, such as one-on-one access to professors, independent study, easy access and transfers to higher degree programs. The non-traditional student doesn't have to go to a brick and mortar school to make a college degree work. That's the difference between this generation and the next. Hundreds of universities and colleges have recognized the importance of accessibility and providing long distance education to students who simply need a better education from home. That's why new online degrees are in development all the time, such as the new online engineering degrees from Colorado State University or the online accounting program from UC Berkeley. It's possible to study any subject online and earn a degree for taking the time.

Not every online degree is made equal, and it's up to the student to understand the risks of online education. Finding accredited online degrees is key to getting a good education, just as it is if you go to school at a traditional campus. You also want to check out what the school has to offer its online students and note student's reviews of an institution before enrolling. Some services like career placement and tutoring are crucial for online students getting ahead.

Online education isn't just for non-traditional students. In some cases, it just means comfort and personal attention with teachers that students can't get from a class of 300 in a traditional classroom format. For those majors which are already based mostly on independent study and knowledge, online degrees just make it easier to get ahead and graduate quickly, while also being able to work and pay for an education, which makes the degree more affordable in many aspects as well. If you have thought of going to college but aren't sure where to start, online education can be just the diving board that you need to test yourself or simply earn a degree to move into a better field. All it takes is a little research to find the right program.

education directory
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