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    Archived Medical and Health News

    Early autism ID could spur cure. Technology for diagnosing autism in infants shows promise for finding a cure for a disease that affects 1 in 250 children worldwide ...More from Wired News

    Scientists find stress linked to acne. It is a common experience: You're under stress because of an exam, your job or just juggling your everyday activities -- and you develop acne. Was the outbreak caused by stress? Until now, no scientific evidence has supported that it is. But German researchers say they have found a major indication that stress and acne, as well as other skin conditions ...More from CNN

    Family implanted with computer chips. A Florida family on has become the first to be implanted with computer chips that researchers hope will someday become an easy way to provide emergency room staffers with patients' medical information. Jeff and Leslie Jacobs, along with their 14-year-old son, Derek, had the tiny chips implanted in their arms ...More from USA Today

    Too much beer drinking gives student RSI. A psychology student is reported to have become the first person in Britain to suffer Repetitive Strain Injury because he drinks too much. Undergraduate Matt Royle was said to be stunned by his physiotherapist's diagnosis. The 26-year-old says he has been ordered to wear a wrist support on his right arm and hold his pints in his left hand ...More from Ananova

    The best medicine. A good laugh is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It is generally accepted by psychologists and doctors that a sense of humour is good for both mental and physical well-being. Yet not that much is known about the psychology of humour ...More from the Irish Times

    Drinking Lessons: As Alcohol Problems Grow, Colleges Seek New Remedies. At Duke University in Durham, N.C., student paramedics this year began patrolling large parties on campus, on the lookout for anyone drunk enough to need medical attention or a trip to the emergency room ...More from the Washington Post

    The Man Who Lives in a Rainbow. Words burst forth in colors. So do numerals. In fact, a person's speech in enveloped by a rainbow. That is what happens when you have synesthesia, and at least one person with the syndrome loves having it ...More from Wired News

    School refuses to put plasters on children's grazed knees. An Australian primary school is refusing to give plasters to children who graze themselves. Teachers at St Mary's in Whittlesea, Victoria, fear legal action if the plasters get stuck to the wounds. The school has also banned the use of antiseptic. Pupils are taking their own plasters to school in their lunchboxes ...More from Ananova

    3-D Med School, Hold the Cadavers. Used to be that if you wanted to teach about the inner ear, you needed an inner ear. Now you just splash a 3-D image on the wall. Charles Mandel reports from Canada ...More from Wired News

    Extra medical students 'putting pressure on resources'. A boom in the number of people studying medicine in the UK has meant there are not enough resources to go around, it is claimed. Students told the British Medical Association the influx has not been matched by increased facilities ...More from Ananova

    Video link to keep UK kids learning in hospital. More children in hospital will be able to stay on top of their schoolwork thanks to a 250,000 (US$375,000) investment in the internet. The project will extend internet access and video conferencing to paediatric wards across the country. Youngsters will be able to access national curriculum materials from their beds and send work to teachers ...More from Ananova

    Panel: Some Cloning Techniques OK. A report written by California scientists, lawyers and ethicists, which will be presented to the state legislature, recommends a ban on human reproductive cloning, but urges research on other cloning methods that could benefit medical research ...More from Wired News

    Stressed out? What we eat and drink can have an influence on stress levels. Certain foods and drinks have different properties in them, which can not only lead to a healthier diet (which in itself can reduce stress levels) but actually helps the body deal with stress naturally... More from

    Bespoke bandages could heal "incurable" wounds. Living bandages tailored to individuals could help cure the incurable. Early studies suggest the dressings, which are coated with the patient's own cells, can mend wounds that otherwise refuse to heal ...More from the New Scientist

    Promise of touch technologies. The surgery of the future could be done using intelligent scalpels that allow surgeons to feel their way through an operation. Scientists in Japan are developing tools designed to enable people to feel the shape and texture of objects using haptics or touch technologies ...More from the BBC | The BBC Store at Amazon UK

    University launches course on smoking. The University of Florida is running a course on smoking. The course, titled Epidemiology and health issues of tobacco addiction, has been set up for students with an interest in a medical career. The online course deals with the history, effects and social impact of smoking and claims to be the first of its kind ...More from Ananova

    Private health care helps UK private schools recruit. Perks such as private healthcare and reduced school fees have found to be among the ways private schools attract and retain teachers. A survey found that even then, 52% said recruitment had got more difficult over the last two years ...More from Ananova

    Cancer Research Campaign supports scheme to give nicotine patches to UK 12 year-old smokers. CRC and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund will trial the scheme at The Zone, a youth project in a deprived area of Nottingham, reports The Telegraph. "Kids can easily get hold of cigarettes," says the trial co-ordinator, "but can't obtain the NRT that might help them give up" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Black Death's Gene Code Cracked. Scientists decode the genome of the bubonic plague bacterium, paving the way for development of vaccine and treatments for the disease it causes ...More from Wired News

    Surgeons here, patient there. Doctors in New York have successfully removed the gall bladder from a woman in France, using a remote-controlled robot ...More from Wired News

    Biotechnology company Xenova trials anti-smoking vaccine. TA-NIC, a vaccine for the treatment of nicotine addiction, "will be tested on 50 smokers and 10 non-smokers," says Telegraph science editor Roger Highfield, "and works by 'mopping up' nicotine before it reaches the brain where it triggers addiction responses" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Robot brain surgeon unveiled. A robot that performs brain surgery has been developed by British scientists ...More from Wired News

    Student solves problem for global drugs firm. A UK student has solved a problem which baffled experts at an international drugs company. Andy Cartwright, 22, from the University of Sunderland improved purity levels on one of GlaxoSmithKline's production lines ...More from Ananova

    Pope John Paul II says human embryo research is evil. "The Pope used a visit by President George Bush to back the efforts of American conservatives to maintain the ban on federal funding of embryo stem cell research," says The Guardian. "Advocates of such research say it could lead to cures for illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease and diabetes," says The Telegraph. "It is already legal in Britain." ...More from What The Papers Say

    Oxford given nearly 4m for autism research. An anonymous American benefactor gives Oxford University 3.7m ($5m) to investigate the causes and treatment of autism ...More from the BBC

    Children ignore mobile phone health warning. A study of UK children and mobile phone use has found that some spend up to 45 minutes a day making calls ...More from the BBC

    Women of Waves offer abortions at sea to women with unwanted pregnancies. The Dutch charity is offering family planning advice to women in Dublin and will perform abortions outside Irish territorial waters, reports The Telegraph. "Last year, more than 6,000 women crossed the Irish Sea to have pregnancies terminated in mainland Britain" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Report reveals tea cosy danger. A UK Government report warns of an alarming increase in the number of accidents caused by tea cosies, place mats and socks. If you are also wearing wellington boots while holding a loofah and standing near a birdbath, then the chances of even finishing this sentence uninjured are worryingly small ...More from the Telegraph

    They Think They Feel Your Pain. For those suffering serious illness, Internet chatrooms can be a great source of comfort. But fakes abound, with some even suffering an illness of their own: Munchausen by Internet ...More from Wired News

    NHS staff to get university. UK nurses could become doctors and porters could rise to be managers under plans to give health service workers a university ...More from the Times

    Alzheimer's Disease expert David Snowdon says "positive outlook" can defeat brain disease. Dr Snowdon of the University of Kentucky studied 687 elderly nuns, reports The Times, and "found that essays written by nuns when they were in their early twenties could be used to predict which of them would eventually suffer from the disease." ...More from What The Papers Say

    Harvard Medical School says wearing high heels causes arthritis. "Osteoarthritis is twice as common among women as it is in men," says The Times following a report in The Lancet by Dr Casey Kerrigan. Her research found that wide-heeled shoes can cause the same if not greater damage to knees ....More from What The Papers Say

    Doctor's Guide: It is in the Eyes. It is more distracting, doctors say, to perform delicate surgery while constantly having to read information on a computer. That is why they like a new device than scans the info directly onto the retina ...More from Wired News

    Drugs and death. The Guardian attacks the efforts of drug giants such as GlaxoSmithKline to safeguard their profits in the developing world, while Aids sufferers are dying because they cannot afford companies' expensive medications. Over 40 pharmaceutical giants are taking legal action to block the South African government from importing cheap medicines in a case closely watched by the rest of Africa. In the Guardian's comment pages, Madeleine Bunting argues that not only are patents killing people, but that intellectual property protection has "become a tool to make permanent the growing inequality of the global economy"... More from the Guardian

    Dead Language Talking. Ancient Indians are credited with having made significant discoveries in medicine, astronomy, architecture and mathematics. But those teachings went largely the way of Sanskrit, the virtually extinct language in which they were written. Now the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi is reviving the teachings... More from Wired News

    New Treatment Could Beat Blues. One million people in the United States are diagnosed with severe depression annually and don't respond to traditional treatments. For these people hope is on the horizon in the form of the Vagal Nerve Stimulator, a pacemaker for the brain. More from Wired News

    University of Nottingham researchers find that half of British pregnant teenage girls are "on the pill". "The findings, published in the British Medical Journal, suggest that teenagers who become pregnant are not as reluctant or ill informed about contraception as previously thought." - The Express ...More from What the Papers Say

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