To frame or not to frame?...


To frame or not to frame?

This argument has been raging since webpage frames were invented.

A framed page can actually consist of many different pages that can be seen in just the one browser window. For instance it may have a navigation bar (pane) at the top, bottom or side of the page. Typically these bars stay exactly where they are when the visitor scrolls down the page.

Many web designers (especially in the early days) believed they were the only elegant solution for site navigation. Unfortunately, if you have chosen the framing route, spiders will not like your pages, and your search engine position will suffer.

Spiders have trouble collecting the information when trying to traverse the frames and will sometimes index pages that are divorced from your navigational frames.

Framed pages that are accessed without their navigational frames can sometimes also make it difficult for visitors to leave your site (you should always have a homepage link on all framed content pages to let them escape) and can present problems when bookmarking or trying to print the page.

Some legal problems with frames also exist. Other webmasters might directly link to your framed content, bypassing your advertising or commercial content in the intended surrounding frames.

Additionally, there is a problem with over 12 million Web TV users; it is difficult to scroll in any but the master frame.

The general consensus between experienced webmasters is that you should avoid using frames or at least create a non-framed version of your site that links to your framed site. However, there is some good news for those that continue to use them. Visit the following sites for advice:

  • Frames and Search Engines - Guest Writer - Internal Link
  • Submitcorner
  • Netmechanic
  • Frames Advice at IRT
  • Master Frame Reunion
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