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Why Wait For Tomorrow When You Can Live Your Dreams Today?

Do you have a dream that you will get to someday?

Are you waiting until you have more time? Are you waiting for more money? Or, are you waiting for the right moment? The only person you are hurting by waiting is you. Don't you want more?

Waiting for things to happen serves a purpose. It keeps us from looking at how we are responsible for not living a life we love. As long as there are outside reasons why we can not have what we want in our lives, then we will never have to make a mistake, fail, or be rejected. True, our reasons keep us safe, but do they make us happy?

Living your dreams takes courage. And, it also takes having a plan.

Would you like to create a plan that will end the waiting and make your dreams a reality?

See these easy to follow steps below:

1. Write Down Your Dreams.

Writing down your dreams makes them real. And once they are real, they become accomplishable. It does not matter if you know how the dream will end. What matters is that you are putting your dreams in writing. This action will give you something concrete to shoot for.

2. Break Your Dreams Into Steps.

Dreams are reached in stages. Expecting them to come into your life in one shot will only lead to disappointment. Do yourself a favor and break them into smaller steps.

3. Write What Needs To Be Done Tomorrow At The End Of Today

If you write down your to do list before you end the day, you can start the next morning calm and relaxed. Planning will free your my mind so you can look forward and be excited about the next day.

4. Take Action.

Once you take the first step, you have created the momentum to continue. One action leads to another until one day you find that you are living your dreams. Action gets you through the rough spots, and it keeps you motivated. Trust that doing something is better than not doing anything at all.

5. Stop Giving Yourself Too Much To Do.

Being overwhelmed whether real or made up will stop you dead in your tracks. It becomes the reason why you can't try. It is ok to miss a few items on your to do list. Do what you can, rather than what you think you should be doing, so your dreams do not become a burden.

6. Ask For Support.

Why do it alone? The strongest people are those who ask for help. Plus, it will be more fun this way!

7. Reward Yourself.

Congratulate yourself for a job well done! You are making great strides towards living a life you love. You have every reason to be proud of yourself. Just because it seems hard at times does not mean that you are not making a difference. So go out and live your dreams! You only have one life to live so it might as well be a life you are NOT waiting to live.

Please visit our next suggested page, "Recognize your potential".

You can visit Deborah Brown's site at Surpassyourdreams.com, send an e-mail to info@surpassyourdreams.com or call (212) 586-0787

Please note that the information on this page is provided as a guide only to try and help deal with stress and the problems associated with it. It is not a complete guide and individuals must make their own decisions with regards to any action they take.


education directory

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