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  • "Nothing is illegal if a hundred businessmen decide to do it, and that's true anywhere in the world."

    A. Young

  • "An oral contract isn't worth the paper it's writen on."

    Samuel Goldwyn

  • "A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer."

    Robert Frost

  • "To live outside the law, you must be honest."

    Bob Dylan

  • "The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a bit longer."

    Henry Kissinger

  • "It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me... and I think that's pretty important."

    Martin Luther King

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    There are a number of mystery shopping companies who organise whole armies of professional shoppers on behalf of retailers, pubs, restaurants, banks and other service industries. Their mission? To mingle in, look inconspicuous and file a report on anything from customer service to cleanliness in the restrooms.

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    But she won't kiss and tell

    Archived law related articles in the media

    Education: Law: Parents liable for kids' P2P downloads. US parents could face full liability if their children are discovered to have illegally downloaded copyrighted MP3 files and stored them on home computers, legal experts have warned. ...More from VNU Net

    Law grads online, bar none. A pioneering -- and maligned -- Internet-only law school debuts its first graduating class. Despite the school's lack of bar association accreditation, its grads look forward to practicing law ...More from Wired News

    'Politics of Control' leads a law student to challenge Digital-Copyright Act. Benjamin G. Edelman, a first-year student at Harvard University's law school, is the latest academic researcher to challenge the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ...More from the Chronicle of Higher Education

    Recycling law could mean costly PCs. Computers could become more costly thanks to European laws that force makers to recycle old machines. Soon to be enforced directives make the manufacturers of personal computers responsible for what happens to old machines when customers upgrade their stock of machines ...More from the BBC

    Drug tests backed for broader pool of students. The US Supreme Court gave its approval yesterday to the random drug testing of public high school students in extracurricular activities, a ruling that increases the tools available to some 14,700 public school systems to fight illegal drug use ...More from the Washington Post

    Court: 'God' makes pledge illegal. US schoolkids will no longer be allowed to recite the Pledge of Allegiance if a ruling by a federal appeals court that it is unconstitutional holds up ...More from Wired News

    High Court Rules against students. US schools are now protected if they need to break laws requiring them to keep records secret, according to a landmark Supreme Court ruling ...More from Wired News

    Software shows uniqueness of handwriting. A new study using handwriting recognition software claims to show that everyone's handwriting is unique and that using such evidence in court is therefore scientifically justifiable. Handwriting experts have had a tough time in US courts since a 1993 supreme court decision that attempted to clamp down on junk science ...More from the New Scientist

    US Court: Library Filter Law Illegal. The Children's Internet Protection Act, which mandates that public libraries must install filtering software on Internet-accessible computers, is unconstitutional. Judges don't like the buggy technology, either ...More from Wired News

    Truancy mother: 'Prison woke me up'. The British mother jailed for failing to curb her children's truancy says she deserved to be imprisoned and now accepts her responsibilities ...More from the BBC

    The overlap between schools and crime. Drugs, truancy, prison, exclusions ... that'll be education then ...More from the BBC

    Zero tolerance for school drug dealers. Drug dealers who target children at the school gate could face harsher penalties under a new law being considered by ministers ...More from the BBC

    Culture: Net Clearinghouse for Creatives. A free Internet exchange for authors, filmmakers and other creative types hopes to spark artistic innovation by eliminating copyright hassles ...More from Wired News

    Mother jailed because daughters play truant. A UK mother has been jailed for failing to stop her children playing truant. Patricia Amos, 43, has been sentenced to 60 days imprisonment by magistrates at Banbury, Oxfordshire, for not ensuring that her two daughters regularly attended school. It is believed to be the first time that the courts have jailed a parent under powers they gained in November 2000 ...More from Ananova

    Softly, softly in the classroom. How does a police in schools scheme work in practice? A pilot project in London is using the police to tackle bullying ...More from the BBC

    Law Education: Real-Life Cartoon Crimes. Computer animation is changing the way courts hear criminal cases: Entire crimes are now being re-created and shown to juries ...More from Wired News

    Prison 'thinking courses' cut crime. Special courses which teach criminals how to think properly have cut their re-offending rates by up to 14%. Home Office studies show two types of "cognitive skills" courses operating in jails can be expected to prevent about 21,000 crimes in the coming year. The courses encourage inmates not to act impulsively or make poor decisions which could lead them to committing further crimes ...More from Ananova

    Full Assault on Filter Software. One US librarian says being forced to install filtering software borders on evil authoritarian tactics as the challenge to the Children's Internet Protection Act continues in court ...More from Wired News

    Cherie launches citizenship guide for the young. Cherie Booth is launching the new edition of a guide to UK law for young people, the Young Citizen's Passport. The Prime Minister's wife and QC is launching the guide at the House of Lords in her role as a trustee of the Citizenship Foundation. The passport, which has sold more than half a million copies, is designed to offer clear explanations of the law and practical advice on the legal system ...More from Ananova

    New justice system guide for UK schools. Judges have launched a guide aimed at explaining the justice system to schoolchildren. The Lord Chancellor's Department aims to increase the number of educational court trips. The plan is to make pupils understand how justice works for criminals, victims and witnesses ...More from Ananova

    US kids' site settles privacy charges with FTC. A popcorn maker agreed to pay $10,000 to settle charges that it violated privacy laws when it collected children's' names and e-mail addresses on its Web site without parental consent, federal regulators said ...More from USA Today

    UK dyslexic man awarded 52,500 for school 'torment'. A man who suffered "abominably" at school because no one spotted his dyslexia has been awarded more than 50,000 (approx. $75,000) compensation. Stockport County Court has ruled the Stockport council should take responsibility for 25-year-old Robin Johnson's schooling difficulties. His solicitor said Mr Johnson, from Bramhall, Stockport, was tormented at school by bullies who teased him for his disability ...More from Ananova

    Cybercourts Set for Tech Trials. Michigan will become the first state to allow companies to sue each other over the Internet. While proponents point to cost savings and forward thinking, critics say the loss of face-to-face interaction will be a detriment. ...More from Wired News

    A grades 'becoming too normal at Harvard University'. Harvard University is re-examining its grade system because As have become too normal. A report shows almost half the marks the university awards are As or A minuses - a huge increase on 15 years ago. At US universities, grades are issued at the end of each semester and cumulatively determine final marks ...More from Ananova

    High Court Focus on Kids, Web. The US Supreme Court, hearing arguments on the validity of the Child Online Protection Act, wonders how community standards stretch to the Web ...More from Wired News

    Keeping a Who's-Naughty List. London police unveil a database program to track misbehaving children, ostensibly to head off future criminal behavior. Critics call it "profiling gone mad" ...More from Wired News

    Thief takes artist at his word. Someone has stolen a $100 bill from an artwork titled, I Dare You to Steal This $100. They left behind five $20 notes following the theft at Aspen Art Museum. Police worker Rick Magnuson made the artwork from paint and real money in the hope of catching someone in the act ...More from Ananova

    Yahoo can ignore French website ruling, says US judge. A US federal judge has thrown into sharp relief the problem of governing cyberspace, ruling that Yahoo can ignore a French court order restricting content on its website ...More from the Financial Times

    Court battle of the 'metric martyrs'. Lawyers for five UK market traders fighting to be allowed to serve their customers in imperial measures have argued EU metric rules are infringing cultural rights. The five are fighting convictions and court orders made against them after they traded in pounds ...More from Ananova

    Would-be lawyer sues school over her Latin failure. A leading independent UK school is being sued by its former deputy head girl for 150,000 after she failed to achieve a top grade in her Latin A level ...More from the Times

    Internet piracy spreads from music to books. J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien are the best-selling authors most likely to be copied by internet pirates, according to a survey warning of the rapid spread of file-swapping from the music industry to book publishing ...More from the Financial Times

    UK Parents win admissions row. The parents of four children win the legal right to send their children to the same school as their older brothers and sisters ...More from the BBC

    Row after curfews extended to UK teens. New powers allowing local authorities to impose curfews on children aged up to 16 are coming into force. It is an extension of a current scheme which applies to under-tens although, so far, no applications have been made. Campaigners predict the changes under the Criminal Justice and Police Act will be virtually impossible to enforce ...More from ITN

    Helicopters to cut school arson - UK. Helicopters are being used by police on Merseyside to try to protect schools from arson attacks during the holidays ...More from the BBC

    Artist invites public to 'beat up a policeman'. A London performance artist is dressing up a policeman and inviting people to beat him with a stick. Patrick McGowan says his show will allow members of the public to vent their anger at police. Police groups are worried it could encourage people to strike out at real officers ....More from Ananova

    Man's false arm falls off as he pulls gun. A man's false arm fell off as he used it to point a gun at bar staff who refused to give him a drink. He then picked up the arm and gun and tried to leave the bar in El Paso, Texas ...More from Ananova

    Vigilantes patrol the web. When individuals take the law into their own hands off-line, we normally condemn them as vigilantes. But in the online world, where traditional law enforcement has largely failed to make an impact, citizens are increasingly having to act as police ...More from the FT

    Cyber slammed. Kids are getting arrested for online bullying. It is definitely offensive, but is it against the law? The first indication that the seemingly obscure practice of cyber-bullying might have reached outrageous proportions was an item in the New Yorker titled "The New Bathroom Wall" ...More from Salon

    Crime cameras cut school vandalism. Increased security helps reduce the amount of vandalism in Scotland's schools, although the problem is still costing millions ...More from the BBC

    Helpful Hints for Hate Haters. The Anti-Defamation League launches a website with the intention of helping law enforcement keep tabs on hate groups. But as one accused hater says, "I'm glad the ADL is giving us such good advertising" ...More from Wired News

    Two boys, a paper gun and a heap of trouble. When 8-year-old Hamadi Alston pointed a paper gun at his classmates and announced, "I'm going to kill you all," he said he was only playing cops and robbers. But his words launched him and a classmate on a grim trip through the juvenile justice system ...More from the Washington Post

    US university life - a four-year party with a $20,000 cover charge? The US legal drinking age is 21 - which means that if most university students want to drink, they will do so illegally. But despite being against the law, drinking is an accepted, if not expected, part of university life ...More from the BBC

    Legal bust-up over a second front for art. Two conceptual artists are feuding over who first came up with the idea to make thousands of bras into a ball ...More from the Times

    Fifty Paper Airplanes. Winn Schwartau remembers the first time he really lied to his mother. The award-winning author and president of an internet security company writes for ...More from - Internal Article

    Kickback Cash for You; Act Now. Sitting in your inbox is a seductive offer marked "urgent and confidential." A Nigerian chief writes that he has acquired $60 million in kickback money that he needs to transfer to a "safe" bank outside his country. If you let him access your account, he'll let you keep $10 million for yourself. You will be required to pay a small "technical bribe" for the transaction, which should be completed in 10 days ...More from Wired News

    The Nigerian Scam Letters. You've probably received one in your e-mail inbox by now. Fancy a million dollars worth or fear, humiliation and bankruptcy? ...More from - Internal Article

    FBI in internet fraud swoop. Ninety people and businesses have been charged with using the internet to con consumers out of $117m, the FBI said. The charges were made during a 10-day sweep, called Operation Cyber Loss ...More from the Financial Times

    FBI to investigate school spending, expenses. After years of complaints from parents about San Francisco's crowded, ill-equipped and run-down schools, the FBI has been called in to find out whether the mess is more than just a matter of bad management. ...More from CNN

    US libraries win net filtering delay. Public libraries will have until July 2002 to certify that they have adopted Internet filtering technologies required by a new federal law, under terms of an agreement reached in U.S. District Court. The agreement came during a hearing on the twin lawsuits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Library Association challenging portions of the Children's Internet Protection Act ...More from USA Today

    Court in the act. John had stolen a bike - "just for a laugh" and now he was finding out the consequences of what happens when you break the law. In fact, his real name was Joe, and along with the rest of his class of 10- and 11-year-olds, he was finding out how the legal process works by taking part in a mock court case, as part of an innovative citizenship project believed to be the first of its kind for primary schools ...More from the BBC

    As the fraction of female students nears one half, women are transforming the way schools teach. Not so long ago, America's law schools were mostly male preserves. As recently as 1970, more than 90 % of students were men, and some professors made a point of calling on the few women in their classes only on periodic "Ladies' Days." Former Attorney General Janet Reno, a 1963 Harvard law graduate, recalls then Dean Erwin Griswold asking incoming women at an annual tea to justify holding a place that could have gone to a man ...More from

    Law and Order (and Animation). Computer-generated animation is becoming more commonplace in the courtroom. It is a persuasive tool, but it also has its limitations ...More from Wired News

    Watching words on the web. Robots could soon be patrolling the web to track the source of rumours and slander. Swiss computer company Agence Virtuelle has developed a software robot that uses a battalion of small, smart programs to scour the web for the fount of particular stories... More from the BBC

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