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Can You Stop Worrying, Please!

By Guest Writer Deborah Brown

Are you a worrier? Would you like to stop?

The reason we worry is that we have a situation in front of us and we are scared that it won`t work out. We are afraid that we will make the wrong decision (again), fail, or look bad in front of others. This fear keeps us from seeing a way out.

In addition, you get something out of worrying. As long as you worry, then you don`t have to do anything about what`s troubling you. If some outside thing is happening to you, then you don`t have to take any responsibility for how it happened. Plus, you get to blame whomever you please and you get to be right.

If you could only trust that it will work out and that you will be able to handle whatever comes your way, then you could put your worrying behind you and focus on something more positive instead.

So how do you stop worrying?

1. Acknowledge That You Are Worried.

Sometimes, we will tell ourselves all sorts of crazy things so we don`t have to admit that we are worried. This only works against you. How can you expect to get past your worry if you can`t even admit that you are feeling it?

2. Take A Deep Breathe.

Its amazing how much better we feel when we start breathing again. Worry tenses up our bodies until we are in a state of panic. Sure adrenaline will get you going, but isn`t there a healthier way? Take a few deep breathes and watch the worry float into the air.

3. Let Go Of The Outcome.

If things work out in the end anyway (and they usually do) then what you are doing to yourself in the process is a waste of your energy. (Unless you enjoy giving yourself a hard time.) This is key. You get past anxiety by letting the universe do what it has planned. Go with the flow. You will be a happier person in the process.

4. Have Fun.

Your world does not have to be about doom and gloom just because you are facing a situation that you are unsure of how it will turn out. Go out and have fun. You deserve it even if you dont feel that you do.

5. Say Nicer Things To Yourself.

Sure you can blame yourself for worrying or for getting into a particular situation in the first place, but is this the best use of your time? Positive thinking will clear your mind and bring freedom into your life. It will also clear the way to finding a solution.

6. Reach Out To Others.

If you are going to worry, don`t do it by yourself. Its nice to have a shoulder to lean on. Plus, you can get perspective so much quicker if you just reach out to others. And, you might even find out that your problem is not as bad as you thought.

7. Take Action.

Once you take steps toward finding a solution to what you are worrying about, you will have power and control back in your life. It may not be easy to take the next step when you don`t know what that next step is, but it is better than taking no steps at all. Small steps take you to the next step, which takes you closer to a solution. And, you will feel better.

So, put your worry behind you and have a great day!

Please visit our next suggested page, "Teaching and Stress".

You can visit Deborah Brown's site at, send an e-mail to or call (212) 586-0787


education directory

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