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Archived Religion Related Articles in the Media

Christians use Hell House to help people find God. Christians in the US have set up Hell House to help people find God ...More from Ananova

What Buddhists Know About Science. Tibetan Buddhists described advanced neurological concepts 2,000 years before science had the technology to discover them ...More from Wired News

15 Answers to "creationist nonsense" from the editor in chief of Scientific American. Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don't hold up says John Rennie ...More from Scientific American

'Creationism' in UK schools attacked. Religious fundamentalism should not be allowed to damage science teaching, says the Liberal Democrat education spokesman ...More from the BBC

Scholars Who Dig-itize Gutenberg. In an ambitious project, the US Library of Congress is digitizing its perfect rendition of the Gutenberg Bible. These high-resolution images could reveal more about Gutenberg's invention of moveable type ...More from Wired News

Iran launches own Ken and Barbie. Iran has introduced its version of Barbie and Ken -- twin dolls Dara and Sara, who promote traditional values with their modest clothing and pro-family stories ...More from CNN

Teachers 'more trustworthy than priests'. A British survey has found people see teachers as more trustworthy than priests or police. Only doctors instill more confidence, winning the faith of 90% of 2,000 people polled in a British Medical Council study. Teachers scored a 85% honesty rating, priests 80%, TV news readers 71% and polled 59% ...More from Ananova

Belief in faith schools wavering. UK researchers say one in four people believe there should be more faith schools. But nearly twice as many actively oppose the creation of more Christian, Islamic or Jewish primaries and secondaries, an opinion poll states. Almost as many people are against existing church-run schools as support them, according to a Mori survey of 2,000 adults ...More from Ananova

Alabama keeps evolution warning on books. There was plenty of debate when Alabama began putting stickers in its students' biology textbooks warning that evolution is a "controversial theory". That was in 1996 ...More from CNN

Bible gives schools right to smack, court told. A group of teachers and parents are launching a High Court battle for the right to smack pupils. They say that corporal punishment is part of the Christian doctrine. And they argue their human rights are being breached by not being able to practise their religion ...More from Ananova

Jedi Knights achieve official recognition as a religion. Jedi Knights have gained official recognition as a religion in the UK Census 2001. Coming very near the bottom of an official list of religions put out by the Statistics Office, Jedi Knight is known by the code 896. Heathen comes in at 897 ...More from the Register

Explaining death and suffering to children. In the days following the terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, even very young children asked questions like, "Why does God allow so much suffering in the world? Why does he allow poverty, war, and evil? Is God powerless? Is the devil stronger than God?" Although such thoughts may never even occur to some children, they will cause considerable worry to others ...More from - Internal Article

Church teaches how to 'correct' babies. A Canadian church is under investigation after launching a guide to beating children who are naughty. The parenting guide belonging to the Church of God, in Aylmer, says babies as young as six months old can be punished ...More from Ananova

Scottish schools 'fail in religious duties'. Two-thirds of Scottish non-denominational schools are failing to devote enough time to religious activities such as prayer assemblies. Education minister Jack McConnell has now set up a committee to look into the issues raised by government inspectors. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) found that only one in three non-denominational high schools met religious observance standards ...More from Ananova

God's Many Unique Visitors. A religion-oriented website offering an "Interview with God" is gaining popularity without advertising and with little media notice. In fact, the almighty is huge all over the Net ...More from Wired News

Mormon goes on trial in test case for bigamy. Tom Green, a Mormon with five wives and 29 children, has become the first man in half a century to stand trial for polygamy in Utah ...More from the Times

Praise B2 God. A high-tech Reverend in Germany has carried out what is believed to be the world's first text message sermon. Reverend Stefan Heinze of the Hanover Evangelical Youth Church claims that over 1,100 people subscribed for the first service last weekend. Heinze paraphrased his sermon and the Lord's Prayer to fit the 160-character limit of a mobile phone text message which he forwarded to all those who had expressed an interest ...More from

Dead Language Talking. Ancient Indians are credited with having made significant discoveries in astronomy, architecture, medicine and mathematics. But those teachings went largely the way of Sanskrit, the virtually extinct language in which they were written. Now the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi is reviving the teachings... More from Wired News

Human Rights 2.0. The Digital Freedom Network provides a voice for people who have been attacked for their beliefs. Bobson Wong, DFN's executive director, talks to the NetSlaves about advocating human rights... More from Wired News

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