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  • "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

    Winston Churchill

  • "Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other."

    Oscar Ameringer

  • "The problem with political jokes is they get elected."

    Henry Cote

  • "What luck for the rulers that men do not think."

    Adolf Hitler

  • "In politics stupidity is not a handicap."


  • "Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book."

    Ronald Reagan

  • "Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair."

    George Burns

  • brings you the World

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    He also only drank herbal tea because all proper tea is theft

    Everything you need to know about the electronic visa system

    In case you are planning a trip to a foreign country, one of the first things you have to do is to see if you need a visa. Many countries still require one. At the same time, more and more governments decide to adopt the electronic visa system, which is more efficient. Travelers enjoy a simplified visa application process, while embassies and visa centers have less work on their hands. Fewer resources are required. But have you ever had the chance to use the electronic visa system?

    What is the electronic visa system? The electronic visa system allows a person to apply for their visa online. By doing that, the applicant can receive a valid visa and use it as a regular visa issued by an embassy. However, the eVisa, unlike the standard visa, is electronically linked to a passport. Needless to say, you cannot use the electronic visa if you do not have one. But then again, a consular visa is not possible without a passport either. While the electronic visa system becomes more and more popular, not all countries have one, which is why you need to check in advance. To do that, you must do your research on the visa policy of the country you want to travel to.

    How does the electronic visa work? It is pretty basic, actually. Instead of going to an embassy, a diplomatic mission, or a visa center, a person can access a website and fill in an online application form. Prior to doing that, the applicant must make sure that all the requirements are met and that they have all the documents and information at hand. That ensures a smoother process.

    Generally, the application form is short and straightforward. The applicant must be able to provide a wide range of information such as name, address, date of birth, nationality, travel dates, and so on. Passport details are necessary as well. Please be advised that when you fill in the application form, you have to be very careful. All the information you provide must be 100% accurate and correct. A simple typo can and will invalidate your eVisa. Make sure to review the content of your form multiple times before submission.

    The electronic visa system also allows you to pay for your eVisa online. In fact, an application is not sent for review unless the payment is made. Once you do that, the form is sent to the issuing authority to get approval. After the issuing authority reviews your online application form, it gets approved or rejected. If approved, the eVisa will be linked to your passport, and you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. In most cases, you have to print it out and present it at the immigration office along with your passport.

    The process is a bit different when you use a third-party company than when you opt for a government website. For one thing, you submit the application form to the third-party company, and they send it to the issuing authority for review. It is more expensive to use a private online visa service, but people argue that you get more benefits, such as more information and customer support.

    The electronic visa system has truly changed the game, so to speak. People not having to go to an embassy to get a visa has positive effects over a country's tourism, and many states use this as a strategy if they need a boost in that department. The initiative is clearly working, which is why the list of countries that adopt the electronic visa system grows every single year.


    There are many different types of government and monarchies around the World

  • Malaysia has an elected monarch. The kings of other regions within the country vote for the overall king.

  • Iran is ruled by Theocracy. This means that the government is run by the religious leaders of the people.

  • Ireland is a Republic. Many republics have two elected leaders, usually a prime minister and a president. The prime minister holds all the power while the president is a symbolic figure with little power.

  • Iraq is an example of Dictatorship. This is when an individual or small group of individuals seize and hold power. No opposition is allowed.

  • China is an example of a Communist country. Communism is where the government own and run most of the businesses and farms.

  • The UK and USA are examples of Democracy. Democracy is government by the people using free elections to choose their representatives.

    Please click here for edu-com's full listing of US Government sites

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    Afghan women usher in IT age. More than two decades of war kept Afghanistan out of the IT and Internet revolution, but graduates of a new Kabul University program hope to bring the country into the digital age and boost opportunities for women, in what remains a heavily male-dominated society ...More from Wired News

    President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia bans young people from playing football. "Youths in rural areas should not involve themselves with football in the coming rainy season (June to October). Failure to do so and I will send them to jail. I mean it" - President Jammeh, quoted by Sky News ...More from What The Papers Say

    The China Daily newspaper starts campaign to rid Mount Everest of its "colonial" name. "British colonialists raped the sacred mountain of the Tibetans by giving it a false name," says the report, quoted in The Telegraph. "Until today the world is still persistently humiliating Mt Qomolangma with English-language hegemonism" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Greek government bans all computer games. The government of Greece is making heroic efforts to humiliate the nation in front of the entire world, by banning all electronic games. That is right; something as innocent as playing computer chess on your laptop in a hotel lobby is now a crime with penalties of up to three months in stir and a fine of 10,000 euros ...More from the Register

    Britain's Great Digital Empire. Great Britain's New Opportunities Fund is halfway through a hugely ambitious program to digitize vast swaths of the country's social, political and cultural life ...More from Wired News

    Struggling to get civics back into the classroom. US educators face hurdles in effort to reverse slide in citizenship knowledge. The fifth-graders at Ritter Elementary School tackled the type of agenda known to keep more than a few city councils, PTAs and school boards meeting well into the night ...More from the Washington Post

    Getting an early start on peace. Some summer programs offer young people a chance to work toward international harmony ...More from TIME

    Weaving a global, native web. A new website is one of the many outreach programs of the United Nations' fledgling Indigenous Media Network, which hopes to serve the needs of native people the world over ...More from Wired News

    'Mandate the Future' launches global youth forum event. Mandate the Future's global youth forum EVENT 2002 connects and mobilizes youth from all over the world - privileged and unprivileged, North and South, rich and poor - into a common forum to discuss and debate issues of immense significance to all of us ...More from Mandate the Future

    Should History Record the Unvarnished Bush? Editing out bush's bloopers: does sanitizing the president's gaffes from official transcripts alter history? ...More from the Washington Post

    French school officials bring La Marseillaise into the 21st century. The anthem, which has provoked controversy for political incorrectness, has been given a techno dance remix and distributed to schoolchildren on cd "to promote respect", says The Times ...More from What The Papers Say

    George W Bush urged to study history by top adviser. A man who has always preferred "baseball stadiums to libraries," says The Telegraph, "is being encouraged by a senior aide to read history books and consider how his predecessors handled the challenges of war" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Putting Geography on the Map. Now that the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan has increased attention on the international front, the bar for knowing basic geography has been raised ...More from the Washington Post

    Queen Elizabeth surrenders to painter's bleak gaze. Has there ever been a portrait of the Queen - of any queen - so unflattering as the one that Lucian Freud presented to Her Majesty recently? ...More from the Times

    Israel's Online Bridge to Arabic. Israeli Arabs can now read literal translations of content from the country's most popular daily newspaper, which some hope can help breed more understanding ...More from Wired News

    Liberia's president brandishes the rod. President Charles Taylor of Liberia administers 10 lashes to his daughter in front of her classmates to deter improper behaviour. ...More from the BBC

    World population could rocket to 10.9 billion by 2050. The UN says the world population could reach 10.9 billion by 2050. A UN Population Fund report says that will happen if women do not gain better access to education and healthcare. The population growth projected - from the current 6.1 billion - will be in developing countries, intensifying their battle against poverty and straining the environment worldwide, it adds ...More from Ananova

    Strength in online liberty. Civilisations shape themselves through war. But not even the most far-sighted Cassandra predicted that war would be the event to shape the future of the internet ...Red Cross Donations ...More from Wired News

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, You? Online multiplayer games are booming. But can Internet technology keep pace? Virtual worlds like Anarchy Online stretch the boundaries—and the bandwidth—of players' imaginations. Currently, about 230,000 people live in the nation of Britannia: soldiers, tailors, blacksmiths, musicians—people from every walk of life. Of course, Britannia does not exist anywhere but in the minds of the people who live there ...More from Technology Review

    Slobodan Milosevic has been removed from school history books. Milosevic and the 200,000 victims of the four Yugoslav wars are not mentioned in a new school text book for children aged 13 and 14, reports The Telegraph ...More from What The Papers Say

    FBI closes down US Muslim websites. A coalition of American Muslim groups has denounced the raid on the InfoCom Corporation as part of an "anti-Muslim witch-hunt", reports The Guardian. "InfoCom is the registered owner of ".iq" - the internet country code for Iraq" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Internet Banned in Afghanistan. Afghanistan's Taliban militia has banned the Internet and ordered the religious police to punish users according to Islamic law, the official radio station reported ...More from the Nando Times

    Kim sells workers to gulags in debt deal. In an extraordinary effort to maintain its status as an honest debtor, North Korea is to repay loans worth billions of pounds to Russia by sending thousands of workers to Siberia ...More from the Times

    Spies used itching powder to fight the Nazis. British agents during the Second World War used itching powder to fight the Nazis. The joke shop powder favoured by schoolboys was a weapon available to British spies, according to secret war time documents. Secret agents asked for the powder, one of a number of "special devices", to spread on enemies clothing, bedding and even contraceptives ...More from Ananova brings you the World! has just got a whole lot bigger. We have added hundreds of more pages, covering every single country and geographic area in the world. Ever wondered what the percentage of the richest and poorest people were in each country? The literacy rate in Liechtenstein or the language of Latvia? Whatever you need to know about the World around you, we have the answer. We have included maps and flags, statistics, products, military information, wars, drug production figures and much, much more ...More from - Internal Link

    International Education. Education Week's ongoing series examines educational policies and practices across the globe. Whether an emerging or developed country, each has lessons from which all education policymakers can learn ...More from Education Week

    Hindus to wear identity label in Afghanistan. Hindus will be required to wear an identity label on their clothing in Islamic Afghanistan to distinguish them from Muslims. The hardline Taliban rulers, who control 95 % of this poor Central Asian state, plan to enforce the edict soon though an exact date has not been set, Mohammed Wali, Taliban's religious police minister, told The Associated Press ...More from Nine MSN

    Iran shuts internet cafés. Police in Tehran have shut down several hundred internet cafes over the past week in a crackdown believed to be driven by concerns of the state telecommunications monopoly that it is losing business to the newly emerging private sector. ...More from the Financial Times

    Is This World Cyber War I? Boasts by Chinese hackers that they'll attack U.S. computer networks and websites bring vitriolic responses from some American hackers -- and observers from other countries are choosing sides. But is it all hot air? ...More from Wired News

    Internet2 Crosses the Border. Thanks to a recent agreement, universities in California and Mexico will be able to share resources and conduct research over a high-speed, high-bandwidth network. Mexican President Vicente Fox will get a first-hand look... More from Wired News

    Own a Bank in Eight Weeks or Less. The latest in personal finance: Now you can have your own offshore bank for only $9,999 and without a background check -- or so the Internet ad promises... More from Wired News

    Massacre of a culture. Our veteran observer of Afghanistan reports on the Taleban regime's systematic obliteration of the country's pre-Islamic past... More from the Times

    China's New 'Purifying' Software. Internet Police 110, which will "prevent users from getting unhealthy information from foreign and domestic websites," is unveiled in China by the Ministry of Public Security... More from Wired News

    The United Nations says world is under imminent threat. Scientists have predicted an environmental catastrophe of biblical proportions," says The Scotsman, reporting on findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "with the world ravaged by droughts, flooding and disease."... More from What The Papers Say

    Beijing tightens its web grip. The Chinese government has intensified its efforts to control the internet, appointing special provincial police to supervise the web and instructing official propaganda outlets to ensure its political correctness. ...More from the Financial Times

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