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  • "For God's sake give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself!"

    Robert Louis Stevenson

  • "The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, and the second half by our children."

    Clarence Darrow

  • "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen"

    Albert Einstein

  • "I am not young enough to know everything."

    Oscar Wilde

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    Archived teen news and issues in the media

    Education: Law: Florida Dorms Lock Out P2P Users. A program designed to nab file swappers at the University of Florida appears to be successful, much to the chagrin of students. The pilot project is a model for other schools coping with peer-to-peer sharing on campus networks ...More from Wired News

    Students put their own spin on downloading music. As the record industry starts to come down hard on unauthorized music downloading on college campuses, students are responding with defiant words and defensive actions ...More from USA Today

    Teen's web browser wows top geeks. Sixteen-year-old Adnan Osmani seems like a typical teen boy interested in computers. But the ultrafast Web browser he created has some MIT and Intel tech researchers drooling. Others are more than a bit skeptical. Karlin Lillington reports from Ireland ...More from Wired News

    Biggest villain in the application drama. The resume, a once exclusively professional device that has become so common among teenagers that it is beginning to corrupt college applications ...More from the Washington Post

    Who's your role model? The prominent American author, Johann Christoph Arnold, writing for, says that "looking back now, with a grandfather's perspective, I can see that I had the best dad a child could wish for. Of course, I didn't really appreciate that fact until I found myself agonizing over my own teenagers. I've had eight. But when parents ask me for advice, I tell them about my father" ...More from's guest contributor - Internal Link

    Will your teen succumb to risky behaviors during summer vacation? Adolescence is a period of high risk when kids are especially vulnerable to peer pressure to engage in alcohol and substance abuse and other risky behaviors. During the long Summer vacation, the “heat is on” even more. Is there anything you can do to protect your teen? Try this short quiz and tips from a top prevention expert ...More from Internet Wire

    Will your teen succumb to risky behaviors during summer vacation? Adolescence is a period of high risk when kids are especially vulnerable to peer pressure to engage in alcohol and substance abuse and other risky behaviors. During the long Summer vacation, the “heat is on” even more. Is there anything you can do to protect your teen? Try this short quiz and tips from a top prevention expert ...More from Internet Wire

    Taming the Teen Queen Bee. Girls can be vicious to one another. Mothers of both victims and perpetrators can ease the sting ...More from TIME

    Radical agenda' for UK teenage education. Government proposals for vocational training and new qualifications aim to keep all young people in education beyond the age of 16 ...More from the BBC

    Bearded schoolboy protests over ban. A 16-year-old Australian banned from school for refusing to shave off his beard is to stage a protest. Chris O'Hehir hasn't been to class for around three months because of the dispute over his five millimetre thick beard. The teenager says shaving gives him a rash, but MacKillop College in Werribee insist students be clean-shaven ...More from Ananova

    A Glove That Speaks Volumes. A teenager has turned a golf glove into a tool that can translate American Sign Language into text. Want to know more? Talk to the hand ...More from Wired News

    The 'Truth' about teens reading. Librarians hear from a group that many adults do not believe exists: passionate teenage readers ...More from USA Today

    Teen Twins' Cool Rescue Bot. Teenaged twin girls from Alaska have built a new rescue device called the Ice Crawler and collected a $50,000 prize in the process ...More from Wired News

    Good behaviour pupils could get Disneyland reward. Teenagers could be given trips to Disneyland as a reward for good behaviour at school under a new scheme. They could also pick up tickets for football and cricket matches. The £1 million ($1.5 million) scheme in Southwark, London will see 8,000 11 to 15-year-olds issued with "smartcards" which contain a microchip and record of their attendance ...More from Ananova

    The Many Faces of Online Girls. Meet Carla, a 14-year-old. She's also Dana, 18. And Becky, 23. Turns out that teenage girls have more multiple online personalities than any other age group, a study says ...More from Wired News

    Lad culture' holding boys back at school. Teenage boys who underachieve at state schools could be ignoring their work because they believe it's not masculine to study, according to research. The report found their counterparts at public schools had the opposite attitude to academic success reflecting the high expectations placed on them by their teachers and fee-paying parents. State pupils saw resisting authority as the key to popularity ...More from Ananova

    Teenagers lead way with online spending. Teenagers are spending millions of dollars online across Europe and the US and the market is forecast to grow rapidly, according to Datamonitor, the business information company ...More from the Financial Times

    UK children not coach potatoes. Children are more talented and active than their parents, new research claims. A survey for CBBC's Xchange website shows youngsters take part in an average of two out-of-school activities a week. And nearly half of UK children have more hobbies than their parents and 74% have better computer skills ...More from Ananova

    Girls, how attentive is your guy? It is hard to find the perfect guy, and I bet you are all wondering why? Well I hate to disappoint you all, but just as the perfect female does not exist, either does the perfect male. But there are versions of what can be considered to be the 'almost perfect' guy. This is the sort of guy that you enjoy spending time with, and at the end of the day really don't want to change anything about him ...More from

    Row after curfews extended to UK teens. New powers allowing local authorities to impose curfews on children aged up to 16 are coming into force. It is an extension of a current scheme which applies to under-tens although, so far, no applications have been made. Campaigners predict the changes under the Criminal Justice and Police Act will be virtually impossible to enforce ...More from ITN

    But Will They Listen to Kids? We know children don't always listen to their parents; that's why teenagers are banding together to spread the news of online peril. Also: E-learning with a side of fries, e-learning for colleges cost $5 billion, and a chat about apes ...More from Wired News

    Head attacks drunk pupils for midweek binges. Juvenile drinking binges are forcing hungover pupils to miss crucial lessons, the headmaster of a leading UK independent school has claimed ...More from the Times

    U.S.: Fear Countries, Not Hacker Teens. Forget the supposed menace of teen hackers causally bypassing the security of U.S. military computers. The real worry isn't a teen like Analyzer -- the alias for an Israeli youth who penetrated dozens of Defense Department computers -- but foreign governments, according to a hearing organized by the U.S. Congress' Joint Economic Committee ...More from Wired News

    Mobile Messaging: Not in the USA. When The Guardian staged a poetry contest in Britain, more than 4,000 people banged out poems on their "mobiles". Whenever students at Yishun School in Singapore play hooky, administrators alert the parents by sending a short text message to their mobile phones. When a woman was stranded at sea off Indonesia, she sent her boyfriend an SOS on her mobile. The man, hanging out in an English pub at the time, managed to alert the coast guard, which sent out a rescue vessel. But people in America can't have it ...More from Wired News

    Prom Story. The future is scary. Friendships and family are in flux. But to a group of high school seniors, at least one thing is clear: Prom night must be perfect, and it all begins with... hair. ...More from the Washington Post

    UK Police Inspector Daimon Tilley encourages night clubs to play Magic Roundabout theme tune. "I got the idea from an American professor of psychology. His argument was that if such music was played instead of a thumping beat, people are reminded of their childhood and won't want to seek a confrontation" - Inspector Tilley, quoted in The Times ...More from What The Papers Say

    Program offers US teens 'unfiltered' look at tobacco addiction. This is the true story of five strangers, picked to live together and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. Nicole is a 16-year-old sophomore at Columbia High School in White Salmon. She is one of five teen-age smokers taking part in Washington state's anti-tobacco online reality show, Unfiltered: No Tobacco, No Privacy. ...More from CNN

    UK Teenagers face testing time with GCSE changes. Teachers are unprepared for wholesale changes to GCSE courses to be introduced in the new school year, examiners claim ...More from the Times

    Teen Market a Tough Cell. Despite the hype surrounding cell phone use and cool futuristic services, teens in the United States aren't buying into it. And the market isn't buying into them, either ...More from Wired News

    How a British teenager changed the world: The making of mauve. Once upon a time, color was for the rich. Dyes had to be painstakingly derived from plants or animals; quality was uneven and rich hues like purple were reserved for royalty ...More from

    Success 'Ads' Up For These Teens. It is like a story from the "old" days: A couple of high school kids with an interest in business meet online, create a dot-com and hire someone on the other side of the country who's old enough to be their mother... More from Wired News

    Director's Teen 'Chain' Gang. A renowned director gives a bunch of high school kids a rudimentary camera, and nuggets of gold are mined. Chain Gang, at the Sundance film fest, is an early hit... More from Wired News - the problem: how to get a teenager to tidy their room? A selection of strategies including the definitive solution: call for Jason King... More from the Times

    Dad! Turn it down. Parents are still listening to wild and crazy music and it is embarrassing the kids... More from the Times

    Where the Boys Are (Online). "Wired young men" are spending as much time online as they do in front of the TV... More from iBoost

    Online fight for girls in trousers. A UK teenager sets up her own website, as she campaigns for girls to be allowed to wear trousers to school... More from the BBC

    UK plans to issue teenagers with high-tech identity cards "The scheme is being devised in an attempt to reduce alcohol-related crime and protect children's health" - The Independent... ...More from What the Papers Say

    University of Nottingham researchers find that half of British pregnant teenage girls are "on the pill". "The findings, published in the British Medical Journal, suggest that teenagers who become pregnant are not as reluctant or ill informed about contraception as previously thought." - The Express ...More from What the Papers Say

    Prince Really Digs His Napster. The artist currently known as Prince says on his website that Napster is "an exciting development in the history of music," and slams the president of Time Warner. ...More from Wired News

    Music Security's Maiden Voyage. Iron Maiden fans are being treated to a new digitally secured CD at concerts, as retailers begin to get a grasp on digital rights-management ...More from Wired News

    Oh Baby, Baby. Britney Spears earns millions as face of teen website "Britney, already worth £10million at just 18, is expected to rake in millions more after agreeing to be paid in shares for becoming the face of a new teenagers' website." - The Sun ...More from What the Papers Say

    A Hip Club for Square Teens. Two overachieving high school students in Texas are trying to change the stigma of "geeky" computer clubs. The teen successes envision a place for techie kids and entrepreneurs to socialize and network ...More from Wired News

    A World of Their Own. No one teen incorporates all the attitudes and characteristics that the teachers who teach them, the parents who raise them, the researchers who study them and the kids who are them name as the identifying marks of this generation. In large part that is because "today's teens may have less in common with each other than those in generations past," says one psychologist ...More from Newsweek

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