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  • I'm staying in to grow my hair.

  • My wife is going to get pregnant and I want to be there.

  • Someone touched me with a bargepole...

    People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.

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    Just for Fun in the Media

    Education: Technology: Educators turn to games for help. Video games offer worlds for players to explore. Parents and politicians aren't always happy with what goes on in digital realms, but now universities want to use gaming technology to build better teaching tools for schools ...More from Wired News

    Fire Up That Game, Boy. Video-game players have better visual skills than non-players, according to a new study of young men. Gamers process fast-changing visual information more efficiently -- and the military says they're better at operating long-range unmanned aerial vehicles ...More from Wired News

    Schoolgirl invents Wallace and Gromit style bed. A German schoolgirl has invented a Wallace and Gromit-style bed that makes people get up in the morning. Teenager Iris Koser calls her invention "The Merciless Bed" ...More from Ananova

    Greek government bans all computer games. The government of Greece is making heroic efforts to humiliate the nation in front of the entire world, by banning all electronic games. That is right; something as innocent as playing computer chess on your laptop in a hotel lobby is now a crime with penalties of up to three months in stir and a fine of 10,000 euros ...More from the Register

    Toying with musical instruments. Tod Machover's latest musical innovations are a series of newfangled instruments designed to make learning music as easy as one, two, three, four ...More from Wired News

    Stepford Child. Even though she's just 5 years old, Cindy Smart speaks five languages. She's a good reader. She can tell time and do simple math, including multiplication and division. She's not a prodigy. She's just good programming ...More from Wired News

    A Day, and a Toy, for a Daughter. Fisher-Price's Pixter -- a Palm Pilot for kids -- is one of the hottest toys on the market. Wired News put it through its paces with special toy tester Nadine Kahney, 5, on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day ...More from Wired News

    The best medicine. A good laugh is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It is generally accepted by psychologists and doctors that a sense of humour is good for both mental and physical well-being. Yet not that much is known about the psychology of humour ...More from the Irish Times

    Waterlogged Camera Turns Magic. An amateur photographer accidentally bumps his digi-camera into the drink, tries desperately to dry it out, and is delighted by the surreal results. So are some galleries exhibiting his new work ...More from Wired News

    Computer games may aid children's thinking. Researchers have found that playing computer games could significantly help children's logical thinking skills. They studied more than 700 children aged seven to 16 and found the games offered educational benefits. They found that their communication and problem-solving skills were developed because children liked to play in pairs and small groups ...More from Ananova

    Hopefuls take comedy classes. A Scottish college says it's launching the first UK course in stand-up comedy. The classes will culminate in pupils going on stage in front of a live audience. Professional comedians will give masterclasses to the hopefuls ...More from Ananova

    Iran launches own Ken and Barbie. Iran has introduced its version of Barbie and Ken -- twin dolls Dara and Sara, who promote traditional values with their modest clothing and pro-family stories ...More from CNN

    US Gamers Learning by Degree. No more jokes about video games being mind-numbing toys. Programmers are now getting college degrees in game design ...More from Wired News

    Kevin Bacon: You've Got Mail. Researchers are using e-mail to test the notion that everyone in the world can be reached through a short chain of social acquaintances. Are there really "six degrees of separation"? ...More from Wired News

    University runs course on Homer Simpson. A US university is running a philosophy course based on the wisdom and teachings of Homer Simpson. Students will study The Simpson's for Homer's religious and philosophical insights. A course book is titled, The D'oh! of Homer. The Animated Philosophy and Religion course is running at Seina Heights University in Adrian, Michigan ...More from Ananova

    Schools to encourage video games in lessons. Taiwan schools are to recognise and encourage pupils who are good at video games. Education bosses will treat them as 'talented students' instead of discouraging video gaming. Games will also be incorporated into school lessons and subjects. It is hoped architecture, digital design and fine arts will benefit from video gaming skills ...More from Ananova

    Scientific search for the world's funniest joke. The search to find the world's funniest joke has been launched by a British scientist. The huge internet experiment aims to collect tens of thousands of jokes which will be assessed according to how funny they are. "It is an attempt to delve into the psychology of humour" ...More from the BBC

    The Simpsons voted greatest ever children's TV show in UK. In the Channel 4 poll results, Homer and family "beat all the homegrown talent," says David Lister in The Independent, although he suggests that the programme is not so much a kids' show as "a satire on suburban life for adults" More from What The Papers Say

    Ah, the summer of 1961. United States President John F Kennedy was coping with the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Berliners were learning to live with the wall, the Beatles were singing up a storm at the Cavern club, and in Boston a small group of programmers were about to invent the computer games industry ...More from the BBC

    Cyber-games make children brighter. Computer games are giving a generation of young Britons a level of co-ordination and powers of concentration equivalent to those observed in top-level athletes, a government-funded study has shown ...More from the Sunday Times

    Toys Are Made for Tinkering. Attention those who color within the lines: An MIT Media Lab researcher says the worst toys are those that are all about rules and instructions, while the best toys encourage that the rules be broken ...More from Wired News

    The RSPB says British birds have started to imitate ringtones. "Females tend to be attracted to males with the wildest range of noises," says spokesman Andrew South in The Mirror, who hopes that the new birdsong will help birds to mate more often and halt "the decline in numbers which has hit Britain over the last 20 years." ...More from What The Papers Say

    Mickey Mouse to be subject of university degree course. 60 cartoon professionals and scholars will attend a two-day conference at Glasgow University, reports The Scotsman, to mark the introduction of a course in which students will be encouraged "to study the history of comic strips and what they revealed about society." ...More from What The Papers Say

    Getting the joke. Different kinds of jokes stimulate different parts of the brain but a single "funny spot" experiences the amusement... More from the New Scientist

    Coming to a School near you? The "first robot pet that lives in water" is Japan's latest craze, despite its 280 price tag, reports The Times. "Takara plans to export the portable jellyfish to the United States and Britain, but has expressed concern that the water quality might not be quite right"... More from What The Papers Say

    How Got All Dolled Up. How can girls' sites better appeal to girls? Mattel hired 26 of them for its board of directors so they could find out... More from Wired News

    Do you have enough time for fun?

    By Guest Writer Deborah Brown

    Is there enough time in your day for fun? Are you able to find moments to laugh at the little things? Are you able to see the joy in your job, you family, and your friends?

    Or, are you too focused on getting things done rather than focusing on what's important to you? Are you too busy checking off items on your to-do list? Are you unable to remember the last time you had fun?

    Fun is what brightens our world. It gives us a reason to get out of bed everyday. It improves our health, mental well-being, and self-confidence. You can not feel bad about the things we should be doing when we are having fun every day.

    Would You Like To Have More Fun? Follow These Easy Steps:

    1) Acknowledge That You Are Not Having Fun

    The first step to having fun is admitting that fun is missing. Once you know it's gone, you can take steps to put it back in.

    2) Recognize That Life Is Too Short

    We say that we understand this, but sometimes our actions are not consistent with our words. If we really understood that we may not be here tomorrow, we would do everything in our power to enjoy today.

    3) Realize That We All Make Mistakes

    Sometimes we cannot have fun because of guilt we feel from past mistakes. All your guilt does is prevent you from moving forward. It does not matter what you did yesterday. You did the best you could and you should congratulate yourself for trying. Put it behind you so you can be free to enjoy the future.

    4) Spend More Time Around Kids (Ed. note: Educators can safely ignore this one :))

    There is nothing that fills the heart more than watching kids. (Usually) They enjoy life to the fullest and they do so without inhibitions or restraints. They laugh because they want to. They run because they want to. They roll in the mud, snow, grass, etc. because it feels good. Imagine if you could incorporate that kind of freedom into your day. I bet it would be different.

    5) Delegate Or Eliminate

    If the day to day tasks are weighing you down, find ways around them. Are you asking for help with the chores, or are you doing everything yourself? What can you order online so you don't have to go to the store? And, who can you hire to help with the cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. Yes these things cost money, but do you think that not having fun is costing you more?

    6) Schedule Time For Fun

    In the beginning you may have to put fun into your calendar until you are used to having it in your life again. I know this may sound funny, but old habits die hard and your goal is to acquire new habits. After a while you will find that fun will become a daily part of who you are. But, in the meantime, you may have to put in some discipline.

    7) Reward Yourself For Having Fun

    Guess how you do this? With more fun!

    So, are you ready to find time for fun? In return, you bring joy, love, passion, and intimacy into your life. You will find that you are enjoying yourself more. Your friends and family will want to be around you because there's something about you that makes them feel really good about themselves. Imagine being able to give them the gift of a fun you? So, will you make time for fun today?

    You can visit Deborah Brown's site at, send an e-mail to or call (212) 586-0787

    Just for Fun

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    Teacher: "Johnny, you know you can't sleep in my class." Johnny: "I know. But maybe if you were just a little quieter, I could."


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