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The Mystery Shopping Club

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Are you a student over 18? Part-time teacher? Parent? Just someone that needs some extra income? Some free food and drinks perhaps? Would you like to pick your own hours? - Casual work is available to you now...

The following is an article taken from Choices Magazine after a visit to the Mystery Shopping Club.

"Wanted: Shopaholic nosey parker with excellent observational skills, a good ear and flexible attitude to part-time work. Anyone can apply. Work available in all areas. Must be prepared to eat free meals, enjoy shopping discounts and visit pubs - and be paid for it."

Believe it or not, the above job advertisement is not as far fetched as it sounds. If you love shopping, you'll be pleased to hear that it's possible to shop for a living. In fact, it's a multi-million pound industry for market research companies who employ "mystery shoppers" to shop up and down the country - all in the name of customer service and research.

There are a number of mystery shopping companies who organise whole armies of professional shoppers on behalf of retailers, pubs, restaurants, banks and other service industries. Their mission? To mingle in, look inconspicuous and file a report on anything from customer service to cleanliness in the restrooms.

If you visit one or two pubs in a night, you'll get your food and drink paid for, travel expenses and you'll be paid anything from £6.00 to £8.00 up for each visit.

But there is one problem with mystery shopping: truly dedicated shoppers never switch off from their work. You'll find yourself compulsively evaluating service and checking ceilings for cobwebs even when you're not on duty. It eventually becomes a part of your life.

To find out more about casual employment opportunities in the "Secret Shopper" industry, please visit's sister site:

Click here for the Mystery Shopping Club UK

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    Art Related Stories in the Media

    Digging down deep for graffiti. Graffiti Archaeology Website, aims to chronicle the ever-changing walls of San Francisco ...More from Wired News

    Art: The new 7 Wonders of the World? Since the inception of the New 7 Wonders initiative a little over two years ago considerably more than one million people have cast over 9 million votes from over 230 countries and registered into the New 7 Wonders Society ...More from New7Wonders

    Education: Artists: Van Gogh was here, but when?. Art historians have argued for years about when Van Gogh painted a work called Rising Moon: Haycocks. A pair of astronomers and an English professor, who studied the position of the moon depicted in the painting, believe they have solved the mystery ...More from Wired News

    The artist who sent himself up. As modern art, it had the stamp of originality, with an unemployed actor posting himself to the Tate Britain gallery in a wooden box ...More from The Times

    Large insect-like robot to be created as part of innovative digital arts project. A groundbreaking project has just been launched that will bring an exciting new dimension to the performing arts using computer technology. Sci-art: Bio-robotic Choreography is an initiative that brings together artists, roboticists and technicians for an intriguing exploration of human/machine relationships ...More from the University of Suusex

    Artist Anish Kapoor unveils 155 metre installation at Tate Modern, London. Kapoor's stretched PVC sculpture Marsyas occupyies the whole of the magnificent 35 metre high Turbine Hall, says The Independent. "The work is made of three steel rings connected by the PVC membrane so taut it seems as solid as cast bronze" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Digital Art With Je Ne Sais Quoi. Parisian organizers of an international digital art fest want to force French art patrons to sit up and take notice. (And they'd like some cash from the government, too) ...More from Wired News

    RIP: Alba, the Glowing Bunny. Is the world's most famous glowing bunny dead? And did it ever really glow at all? The scientist and artist who collaborated on the project aren't clear on the issue ...More from Wired News

    Tate's ultra-modern visual access. The Tate Modern Museum has launched a new online resource for visually impaired users to access the works of Picasso and Matisse ...More from Wired News

    A novel way to write hit songs. Novelist Madison Smartt Bell's new novel about a songwriter has turned into a life-imitates-art experience: Those songs are now online -- and pretty good, too ...More from Wired News

    Sotheby's sell "lost" Rubens for £49.5 million. Rubens' Massacre of the Innocents, painted between 1609 and 1611, and depicting the moment when King Herod ordered the slaughter of all newborn boys to get rid of the Messiah, was the rarest of art world fairy tales," says The Guardian's Maev Kennedy, "the genuinely lost masterpiece of dazzling quality" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Ireland's Convict Digerati. Stephen Perry, musician, photographer, digital imaging tutor and former hash-smuggler, went through prison education and is now teaching his expertise to ex-prisoners. Daithi O hAnluain reports from Ireland ...More from Wired News

    'Modern art made me blue'. Could studying modern art actually make you vulnerable to mental illness? One man believes it is the root of his problems ...More from the BBC

    Sound and Fury of HyperMacbeth. Unlike other online versions of Macbeth, in which hyperlinks might annotate Shakespeare's work, dlsan's hyperlinks might change the shape, size and color of a phrase ...More from Wired News

    Culture: Net Clearinghouse for Creatives. A free Internet exchange for authors, filmmakers and other creative types hopes to spark artistic innovation by eliminating copyright hassles ...More from Wired News

    Waterlogged Camera Turns Magic. An amateur photographer accidentally bumps his digi-camera into the drink, tries desperately to dry it out, and is delighted by the surreal results. So are some galleries exhibiting his new work ...More from Wired News

    New Body Art: Chip Implants. Tattoos and piercings are fine for some, but a Canadian artist delves deeper, hoping to reveal her inner self with the help of microchips implanted in her hands ...More from Wired News

    Net Gambit: See Art, Pay Amnesty. Net artists haven't figured out how to make money from their art, but curators of a new exhibit hope an online show can raise funds for a good cause ...More from Wired News

    Art: In the Ear of the Beholder. Signals are parsed through laptop computers and manipulated in real-time. Sound like art to you? Chloe Veltman reports from Activating the Medium at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art ...More from Wired News

    Beneath the veil: How Afghan artists beat the Taliban at their own game. It was a moody impressionist painting of a cobblestone street winding down a hill-deserted, until Mohammad Yousof Asefi came along with his wet sponge. Asefi wiped the canvas and women, resplendent in red and blue cloaks, appeared. Then two more, then six and 10, until the painting’s street suddenly came alive with strolling people ...More from the Indian Express

    Bug paintings created by strapping canvas to moving car. A New Zealand artist spent years making bug paintings by strapping a canvas covered in oil paint to the front of his car. Richard Lomas, of Wellington, drove around 8,078 miles over 10 years to complete the works. He says 26 paintings called Ego System and The Millennium Bug Paintings were created using 100 tubes of oil paint and "a lot of bugs", which struck the canvases ...More from Ananova

    Queen Elizabeth surrenders to painter's bleak gaze. Has there ever been a portrait of the Queen - of any queen - so unflattering as the one that Lucian Freud presented to Her Majesty recently? ...More from the Times

    MIT Art Project: Messy Kitchen. A new New York City art project on digital portraiture with an MIT Media Lab influence sounds like a great idea, but the idea isn't enough ...More from Wired News

    Anything New in New Media Art? The 2000 Whitney Biennial marked the first time the prestigious New York museum incorporated Net art into its exhibition. Two years later, the question is whether more work with new mediums means progress ...More from Wired News

    Thief takes artist at his word. Someone has stolen a $100 bill from an artwork titled, I Dare You to Steal This $100. They left behind five $20 notes following the theft at Aspen Art Museum. Police worker Rick Magnuson made the artwork from paint and real money in the hope of catching someone in the act ...More from Ananova

    Artist Cliff Wright to sell original artwork for Harry Potter books. Mr Wright hopes to raise £20,000 to £30,000 from the watercolours used to illustrate JK Rowling's second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, reports The Telegraph. Elsewhere, there no prizes for guessing what thirtysomething couple Liz and Mark Potter have just named their 8lb 11oz baby son, according to a report by The Mirror's Richard Smith ...More from What The Papers Say

    Artist Martin Creed makes Turner Prize shortlist with empty room. The "Lights Going On and Off" is nothing but a bare room illuminated by a flickering light and looks like "a graphic example of the underfunding of museums and the ongoing problems with the Tate Gallery's electrics," says The Independent's media and culture editor David Lister ...More from What The Papers Say

    Sculptor Casimir Ziolkowski completes the face of world's largest statue. It has taken 50 years to carve the 90ft tall face of Chief Crazy Horse, reports the Times. When completed, the statue will one day depict a figure straddling a horse with a flowing mane stand 563ft high and 641ft long ...More from What The Papers Say

    Online, Artists Ask 'Why'? In a new online exhibit, writers and artists react to the recent terrorist attacks. The "Why" project will collect their works over the course of the next year ...More from Wired News

    Art expert, Professor Carlo Pedretti, claims to have discovered earliest Da Vinci. A portrait of San Donato, which was thought to have been painted by Leonardo's teacher Andrea del Verrochio, displays stylistic traits which "unequivocally" betray "the hand of Leonardo," says the professor in today's Telegraph ...More from What The Papers Say

    Teen-age Teacher: 15 Going On 3D . Donovan Keith teaches 3D animation to kids his age, builds animation tools, and offers advice to peers -- college professors among them. "I thought this was a very sage-like, wise, older person," says one ...More from Wired News

    Where the Mona Lisa Meets the Motherboard. Real Keith sits quietly near the back of the room and watches Virtual Keith misbehave. A battered TV set welded to the frame of a mechanized wheelchair careens through a confused crowd of convention-goers, its screen flickering with images of a skinny young man, dancing and wearing a green wig, as if trapped inside ...More from the Los Angeles Times

    The Big Bang Theory of Art. Survival Research Laboratories -- with its fiercely intense leader Mark Pauline -- serves as the launching pad for artists and performers who like their work to be loud and big and often dangerous ...More from Wired News

    UK National Theatre director Trevor Nunn says new season programme is aimed at younger patrons. Forthcoming attraction will include a new version of South Pacific, a production of Molière's classic comedy Tartuffe starring Martin Clunes, and, says The Times, "DJs, late-night unplugged sessions and barbecues overlooking the Thames" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Artist invites public to 'beat up a policeman'. A London performance artist is dressing up a policeman and inviting people to beat him with a stick. Patrick McGowan says his show will allow members of the public to vent their anger at police. Police groups are worried it could encourage people to strike out at real officers ....More from Ananova

    Brit art gets mobile. New British art can now be downloaded onto your mobile phone thanks to a collaboration between phone manufacturer Vodafone and the internet art gallery Britart ...More from the BBC

    Multi-million dollar art recovered after 60 years. A global art theft mystery involving pictures stolen 60 years ago and now worth millions concluded when 12 pieces, including a Rembrandt and two rare drawings by Albrecht Durer, were returned ...More from the New York Daily News

    Student sleeps for art. An 18-year-old art student shows that sleeping can be a form of artistic expression, as she snoozes in a gallery as part of her course ...More from the BBC

    Artist unveils "dirty, empty fishtank" in Trafalgar Square, London. A plinth below Nelson's Column which has remained unfilled for 158 years, was topped with a transparent copy of itself, reports The Times and The Independent. "Did they get that in Ikea?" asks a student from the University of East Anglia ...More from What The Papers Say

    'Aaron': Art from the machine. Aaron, 28, paints and draws and he isn't even human. The much-ballyhooed computer program designed by the acclaimed Harold Cohen will have its first public release, ...More from Wired News

    Sculpture finds its equilibrium. A sculpture believed to be the tallest in the world was put in position on the outskirts of Dublin. Dozens of workmen and three cranes took several hours to put the 116ft-tall Irish Wave in position ...More from the Telegraph

    Mayans Out of Net's Reach. Producers of arts and crafts across the globe welcome the possibilities the Web presents for selling their work and eliminating the middleman, but often find they're blocked by high initial costs and lack of access ...More from Wired News

    Turning sci-fi into fact. Harry Lange, a former Nasa illustrator, is the designer who helped Stanley Kubrick turn his fantasy of 2001 into reality. As the film is re-released, he recalls working on the timeless masterpiece ...More from the BBC

    Death-Ray Sculpture. A sculpture in the form of a giant dish mirror has been put on hold for fear it might blind people or incinerate the local birdlife, the Guardian reports. The work was designed by Turner prize winner Anish Kapoor for Nottingham's (UK) new playhouse, but an astronomer has raised the alarm over its death-ray potential... More from the Guardian

    Dead ringers: Putin meets the 'ancestors'. Is Giovanni Arnolfini, a merchant in Van Eyck's painting The Arnolfini Marriage, a long-lost ancestor of the Russian President.... More from the Times

    Spot the Young Masters. Can you guess which established artists painted these postcards? Over a thousand cards, all priced at 35 pounds and painted by students and celebrities alike, have been snapped up by art-lovers on visual appeal alone... More from the Times

    Art History on the Auction Block. In one of the largest and most historically significant online art sales yet, patrons can vie for a piece of a centuries-old shipwreck's cargo through live, real-time Internet bidding... More from Wired News

    Lost Frescos Discovered. Medieval artist Pietro Cavallini credited by historians as father of modern painting after discovery of lost frescos. "To my astonishment the frescoes began to appear when we removed some undistinguished overpainting in one of the side chapels. First the head of St Peter emerged, then an angel and then the great figure of Christ." - art expert Tommasso Strinati, quoted in The Times... More from What The Papers Say

    Real Gauguin? A Hairy Question. A New Zealand family believes it owns an oil painting by Paul Gauguin, whom they say befriended a relative during a visit 100 years ago. Will random hairs stuck in the artwork prove it's real?... More from Wired News

    Look Ma, I'm a Multimedia Artist. A new educational project by Intel charts the history of multimedia, from Wagner to virtual reality. But why aren't more women represented?... More from Wired News

    Art By Another Name: Neen. An artist asks his community to help come up with a name for computer art. Later he asks a corporate-branding expert for help. But not all new media artists are that keen on Neen... More from Wired News

    When Art Imitates Art. Art students at two universities are exploring how posting non-digital work online changes its meaning. Terence Chea reports from Berkeley, California... More from Wired News

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