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Break a Rule, Bad Girl
Britannica near extinction?
The 1st time I really lied
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If someone drops the word "oxymoron" into the conversation do you think you've just been insulted? Then you should know the real meaning!

It means the combination of contradictory words such as the following:

  • Act naturally
  • Found missing
  • Same difference
  • Peace force
  • Pretty ugly
  • Working holiday
  • Cruel kindness
  • Plastic glasses
  • Alone together
  • Small crowd
  • New classic
  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Home office
  • Clean coal
  • Silent scream
  • War games
  • Passive agression
  • Terribly enjoyable
  • Soft rock
  • Diet ice-cream!

    One of the most famous oxymorons was used by Shakepeare when he wrote "parting is such 'sweet sorrow'" in his play Romeo and Juliet.

  • Sideliner

    Did you know that there are over 50 million teachers in the world?


    Did you know that education budgets make up 5.5% of the world's gross national product?

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    Archived Education Articles in the Media

    Education: Schools: UK boarding school pupils 'in a bubble'. Boarding schools are now such "happy" places they may be making life too comfortable for children, a head teacher has warned ...More from the BBC

    Table manners for geeks. In Virginia, graduating IT students get lessons in good manners. The best and brightest technology students at George Mason University in Virginia might have great jobs lined up after college, but when it comes to social graces many don't know a salad fork from a data fork ...More from Tech TV

    Britons lose patience with standing in queues. An academic spent four years and thousands of pounds before concluding that Britons do not like queues. In pursuit of his studies, David Stewart-David spent 92 days standing in 2,000 queues ...More from The Times

    Daily grunt of families who don't know how to chat. Conversations between parents and children have deteriorated into a monosyllabic dialogue described as "the daily grunt", according to the man in charge of maintaining educational standards in Britain ...More from The Times

    Students facing computer test for plagiarised work. British students are facing a new test following the introduction of a national computer system that identifies copied work. Academics at all British universities and colleges can now use the Plagiarism Advisory Service, which is based at the University of Northumbria ...More from Ananova

    Literacy strategy fails to improve young readers. Too many children leave primary school unable to read and write as well as they should, says UK Chief Inspector of Schools ...More from The Times

    Field trip into the deep blue sea. Under the Neptune Project, 3,000 miles of fiber optics will connect school children with activity on the ocean floor. The undertaking could spawn lots of aspiring Jacques -- and Jacqueline -- Cousteaus ...More from Wired News

    Who's your role model? The prominent American author, Johann Christoph Arnold, writing for, says that "looking back now, with a grandfather's perspective, I can see that I had the best dad a child could wish for. Of course, I didn't really appreciate that fact until I found myself agonizing over my own teenagers. I've had eight. But when parents ask me for advice, I tell them about my father" ...More from's guest contributor - Internal Link

    UK Social Education: The Future Foundation says nine out of 10 women expect a man to hold door open for them. In a poll of 1,000 women, most thought it "ridiculous" for a man to stand up when a woman enters the room, reports The Telegraph. But tradition has not been completely abandoned - 21% "would like the National Anthem to be played at the start of films and plays" ...More from What The Papers Say

    London schools put broadband on the curriculum. A broadband network which will supply all London's secondary and primary schools with internet access is now live. The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) is the result of 33 of London's local education authorities (LEAs) teaming up to enable kids and teachers to learn and communicate more effectively. ...More from

    Half of truants found with parents. A month-long series of truancy patrols in England catch 12,500 children out of school, half of whom were with their mother or father ...More from the BBC

    The Childrens Internet Protection Act under attack. The Childrens Internet Protection Act came under attack again when a three-judge panel in Philadelphia ruled that the act violates the First Amendment. The act was passed into law in 1999 and is intended to protect children from cybersleaze. Even the congressional commission that reviewed the act was against it ...More from Internet Wire

    Truancy mother: 'Prison woke me up'. The British mother jailed for failing to curb her children's truancy says she deserved to be imprisoned and now accepts her responsibilities ...More from the BBC partners with Boots. has partnered with Boots, one of the best known retail names in the UK, to bring our visitors discussions and scheduled chats about parenting, relationships, beauty, health, fitness & nutrition ...More from the Boots Discussion and Chat Areas - Internal Link

    Mother jailed because daughters play truant. A UK mother has been jailed for failing to stop her children playing truant. Patricia Amos, 43, has been sentenced to 60 days imprisonment by magistrates at Banbury, Oxfordshire, for not ensuring that her two daughters regularly attended school. It is believed to be the first time that the courts have jailed a parent under powers they gained in November 2000 ...More from Ananova

    Rejection massively reduces IQ. Rejection can dramatically reduce a person's IQ and their ability to reason analytically, while increasing their aggression, according to new research. "It is been known for a long time that rejected kids tend to be more violent and aggressive," ...More from the New Scientist

    Jobs: 80,000 UK teachers 'have never taught'. More than 80,000 qualified teachers have never taught in a school, it has emerged. Official statistics show that 83,400 people held teaching certificates they have never used. John Dunford, general secretary of the Secondary Heads Association (SHA), has told the union's annual conference shortages were destined to be a problem for "many years to come" ...More from Ananova

    Former UK chief schools inspector Chris Woodhead announces plan to start his own chain of schools. After railing for years against falling school standards, Mr Woodhead is looking for up £70 million ($100m) to turn his plans for a "branded chain of schools" into a reality, reports The Telegraph ...More from What The Papers Say

    Schools in Argentina Reeling From Collapse of Economy. Over the past decade, Argentina has gradually retooled its education system, largely to generate more opportunities and enhance school quality in the poorest sectors of Latin America's second-largest country ...More from Education Week

    Teachers 'more trustworthy than priests'. A British survey has found people see teachers as more trustworthy than priests or police. Only doctors instill more confidence, winning the faith of 90% of 2,000 people polled in a British Medical Council study. Teachers scored a 85% honesty rating, priests 80%, TV news readers 71% and polled 59% ...More from Ananova

    Why I choose to be a supply teacher. UK primary school teacher Lorrayn Webber explains why she prefers the flexibility of a supply post ...More from the BBC

    Officials eye high-tech school bus tracking. Authorities recently spent hours searching for a school bus that disappeared from its route in Pennsylvania. Frightened parents gathered to wait for word on their children, but the search turned up nothing ...More from USA Today

    UK further education colleges told to improve. Further education colleges need to tackle high drop-out rates and poor quality lectures, says an all-party committee of MPs ...More from the BBC

    Heading out of the classroom. Claire Owens - who quit teaching after six years to go back to the classroom as a journalism student - tells BBC News Online why she did it ...More from the BBC

    No school today. In dozens of school districts across the US, parents get a phone call with a taped message from the superintendent. And in even more districts, weather cancellations, early dismissals and other announcements come via mass e-mail or cell phone text message ...More from USA Today

    Tories revise UK schools policy. The Conservatives want to re-invent their education policy - and are opening their doors to the teachers' unions ...More from the BBC

    Resource wars" ignite around the world. A favourite prediction of environmentalism has bitten the dust - too many natural resources, rather than too few, are the cause of an increasing numbers of wars in the 21st century ...More from the New Scientist

    Harder Work, but Higher Grades. Let me thank the many of you who chose, out of kindness, not to make fun of me for regularly cleaning the floor of my 17-year-old daughter's room. I confessed to this act of parental malpractice while explaining how I came to examine her school assignments so closely and conclude that she was working harder than I did at her age ...More from the Washington Post

    You're an Idiot! A Review of Web Etiquette.'s guest writer Alvin Apple recently received an email from someone who had read one of his articles online. The reader told him that, while reading his article, she had noticed that he had used "their" where he needed "they're." A simple mistake, but one, he readily admits, that could have been avoided with a little better proofreading on his part. He would have been pleased to receive this reminder to be more astute, but the message didn't stop there. The reader went on to call him, among other things, an idiot. ...More from - Internal Article

    Splitting the Los Angeles' school district into 11 divisions cuts bureaucracy. A year ago, it might have taken Robert Collins months to fix the peeling floor tiles at a school in the nation's second-largest school system. These days, he says, it takes just a day because of a cut in paperwork brought about by splitting the 704-square-mile Los Angeles school district into 11 semiautonomous "subdistricts ...More from CNN

    The State of the World's Children. Jessica and Matthew started second grade this year in Chicago, Illinois. Juan and Blanca have been learning in their fourth-grade classroom in Bogota, Colombia. Chifumu and Ifuna are in third grade in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. And Jiang and Li have attended fifth grade in Beijing, China. What hopes do these different children share? ...More from Riverdeep

    Microsoft's direct connection to the customer. Sometimes it seems that even when Microsoft loses, it wins. Take the recent court ruling that suggested the company should be penalised for anti-competitive behaviour by distributing its software free to thousands of schools, thereby gaining a foothold in the valuable education market. ...More from the Financial Times

    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings. Tony Fernandes, past manager of Netscape's User Experience Group, noticed that when he worked on the computer, his infant son, Sean, loved to come up and press on the keyboard. Interestingly, Sean would look up at the screen while he did it. "Lapware" was born, but not content with the one language, he decided that babies should learn eight of them ...More from - Internal Article

    Traffic signals confound Srinagar students A survey as part of a six-day seminar held to increase road safety awareness among students, revealed that 22 per cent of student respondents said a road can be crossed when the traffic signal is red and 33 per cent said green denotes 'Stop' ...More from the Times of India

    45% of Chinese students want to study abroad. A recent survey of Shanghai students has found that 45% would like to study abroad ...More from the China Daily

    Afghanistan asks India's help in setting up schools. The government of Afghanistan has sought India's aid in setting up schools and colleges ...More from the Hindustani Times

    Random answers win illiterate man top university place. An illiterate butcher has been offered a place at Brazil's top university after giving random answers in a multiple choice admission test. Severino Da Silva, from Nova Iguaçu, has passed the test for the law course at the Estacio De Sa University in Rio De Janeiro. He ranked 9th among more than 1,000 hopefuls ...More from Ananova

    UNICEF Chief Praises Afghan School. Touring a home-based school that defied the Taliban's ban on female education, UN Children's Fund chief Carol Bellamy praised the dedication of women who risked punishment by working outside the home as teachers ...More from The News (Mexico)

    Everyone Works to Make a School. Otherwise You Have Just a Building. Principal Sandra Brehon arrived at Malcolm Elementary School seven years ago, itching to make changes. Minority students were performing below their peers. Assessment scores in grades three and five had been unsatisfactory for several years. Some parents opted for private schools because they were concerned about the learning environment at Malcolm ...More from the Washington Post

    Tell a Teacher, Family or Friend, and Make the Bullying End. I was bullied a lot when I was at school. It started when I was 5 years old but really got bad when I moved house with my parents when I was 8. When I started my new school two boys picked on me and stopped me playing with friends by trapping me in a small gap ...More from - Internal Article

    Britannica near extinction?'s guest writer, Sam Vaknin, Economic Advisor to the Government of Macedonia, argues that there is no source of reference remotely as authoritative as the Encyclopaedia Britannica. So, why does it always appear to be on the brink of extinction? ...More from - Internal Article

    "Break a Rule, Bad Girl". "You have to learn how to become a bad girl, because bad girls always finish first". Laurel J. Delaney, an MBA teacher at Loyola University Chicago, writes for ...More from - Internal Article

    Fifty Paper Airplanes. Winn Schwartau remembers the first time he really lied to his mother. The award-winning author and president of an internet security company writes for ...More from - Internal Article

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