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The Battle of the Budget: How To Get Out of Debt

By Guest Writer Alvin Apple

Debt is one of our most universally felt problems. Almost everyone has been in debt at some point. Debt can feel oppressive, frustrating and debilitating, but quite often it isn't as bad as it seems. The key to getting out of debt is action. You can't bury your head in the sand. Take control of your problem. If you let debt rule your life, you'll never get anywhere, and you can be sure that you'll never get that business off the ground. Here are a few tips which might help.

First, Budget. I can't stress how important this is. If you don't know how much money you have and where it's gone too, you'll never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep meticulous records, and eliminate every wasteful expenditure you can. This may sound difficult, but it is a must, and it gets easier as you get used to doing it.

Second, Aggressively pay off your credit cards. Credit cards can be a huge drain on your income simply because of interest. Most card payment plans are set up so that your minimum payment is only slightly larger than your monthly finance charge. If you stick to the minimum you will end up paying thousands in interest, a few dollars at a time. You've got to pay as much per month as you possibly can. Send double and triple payments whenever possible, and always give the most to the card with the highest interest rate.

Also, several credit card companies offer very low interest rates for the first six months, or even year, on new accounts. If your credit rating is still decent, you may want to open a new credit account with one of these companies. You can then transfer your high interest balance onto the new card and then pay it down as quickly as possible.

Third, Go to a credit counselor or debt consolidator. Consumer Credit Counseling or Debt Counselors of America are reputable agencies in this line of work. The main benefit here is that if you sign an agreement with a credit counselor, quite often your creditors will agree to lower your interest rates and even forego your late fees, something they would never do if you asked on your own. Also, 98% of your creditors will stop reporting you as late or delinquent to the credit reporting agencies. This type of agreement will typically freeze your accounts until paid in full, but if you're really trying to get out of debt then you shouldn't be using your credit cards anyway, right?

Finally, Don't declare bankruptcy. Sometimes things can get so bad that declaring bankruptcy may seem like the only answer. It isn't, and it will only cause you more trouble. Bankruptcy can eliminate your debt, yes, but it also completely ruins your credit rating for the next ten years. If you are dreaming of starting a business, forget it. No one will finance you for anything, not even a gas card, with a bankruptcy on your record.

So remember. Keep a working budget, this is the basic key to getting out of debt, and the other tips won't work without it. Pay off your credit cards, and stop losing your money to interest. If necessary go to a debt counselor, but never, I repeat never, declare bankruptcy. There's money to be made out there if you just know how to do it.

Please visit our next suggested page, The Business and Economics Page.

Alvin Apple helps everyday people start businesses they will enjoy. Then he teaches them how to succeed. Read all his helpful strategies at Reach Alvin at 801-328-9006 or

Please note that the information on this page is provided as a guide only to try and help deal with debt and the problems associated with it. It is not a complete guide and individuals must make their own decisions with regards to any action they take.


education directory

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