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Bullying - what can be done? An adult's perspective.

A guide for parents, teachers and carers.
(If you prefer, you can click here for an easy to print page containing all the information on ed-u.com's bullying pages.)

What action can be taken at home and at school to prevent bullying?

There are some general strategies that can be followed which should help those being bullied and also for people who have to deal with bullying such as parents, teachers, and carers.

Be aware of signs of bullying in your child. Quietness, being "withdrawn", not wanting to go to school, etc. are examples of behaviour typical in a bullied child.

Get Bullying Out In The Open!

  • Encourage children and students to tell you about the bullying.

  • If possible, arrange a session where the subject of bullying is discussed. It is useful during these sessions to ensure that the harm bullying can cause is clear and that action CAN and WILL be taken to stop it.

  • Teach those that are being bullied techniques to help them deal with bullying.

  • Try and encourage children to ignore being teased or taunted whilst you are dealing with the problem. Also, try and teach them to talk about this openly with you so that you can take appropriate action.

  • Deal with bullies directly and make it clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Difficult though it can be, try and remain calm and supportive with your child in dealing with this issue. Remember, they are already suffering from the affects of bullying and will need lots of support.

  • See the head teacher as soon as it is clear that a problem exists.

  • Work through the help sheets with your child.

    Print out the ed-u.com bullying cartoon

    Do you look after younger children? If so please click here for an ed-u.com cartoon about bullying that can be printed out and coloured in. It may be printed and reproduced for non-commercial distribution purposes and noticeboard use.

    ed-u.com pages on bullying:

    1. What is bullying?
    2. What can be done? Includes links to other useful sites (This page)
    3. Print out our Help Sheet for parents, teachers and carers
    4. Print out a questionnaire for children to answer
    5. Print out and colour an Ed and Kate cartoon about bullying
    6. 5 Star recommended books about bullying
    7. Adult Bullying Book - The Bully at Work
    8. Bullying... Our Stories
    9. David Bull - TV Doctor BBC Watchdog talks about Bullying
    10. Share your thoughts and experiences at the Bullying Forums

    Other useful links:

  • The BBC Education Survival Guide - Bullying
  • Bully Busters USA
  • Bullying in Schools USA
  • Bullying UK
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  • Childline UK Free helpline for children in danger or trouble
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  • The NCPCC UK - Problems at home or at school
  • Please Stop
  • Pupiline - Bullying from a teenage perspective
  • Rape and Incest Information - Internal Link
  • The Samaritans UK and Republic of Ireland - Confidential Support
  • The Scottish Council for Research in Education - Bullying
  • Scottish Post/Scotland Online - Bullying:
  • Stress Education Center
  • Success Unlimited UK
  • Violence Information - Internal Link
  • Young Voice

    Archived bullying related stories in the media

    Can bullying be beaten? Bullying causes untold misery to thousands of children. It is not as cartoonishly simple as the antics of Flashman in Tom Brown's Schooldays or Gripper from Grange Hill ...More from the BBC

    Name-calling 'worst form of bullying'. Name-calling is more devastating for children's self-confidence than physical bullying, a study suggests. Dr Stephen Joseph, a psychologist at Warwick University, found verbal abuse had a large and ongoing impact on children's self-esteem ...More from the BBC

    Taming the Teen Queen Bee. Girls can be vicious to one another. Mothers of both victims and perpetrators can ease the sting ...More from TIME

    Softly, softly in the classroom. How does a police in schools scheme work in practice? A pilot project in London is using the police to tackle bullying ...More from the BBC

    Youngsters targeted by digital bullies. More than one in every four youngsters have been threatened on their computers or mobile phones, according to a survey ...More from the BBC

    Risk posed by aggressive pupils. UK teachers demand schools carry out "risk assessments" of pupils with behavioural problems, to protect other pupils and staff. ...More from the BBC

    School becomes cash-free to beat bullies. Edinburgh pupils are to be given swipe cards as a school aims to be a cash-free zone. The plastic cards will enable youngsters to pay bus fares, visit sports centres and buy their lunch. Organisers hope the project will help curb bullying of children for their dinner money ...More from Ananova

    UK dyslexic man awarded £52,500 (approximately US$75,000) for school 'torment'. A man who suffered "abominably" at school because no one spotted his dyslexia has been awarded more than £50,000 (approx. $75,000) compensation. Stockport County Court has ruled the Stockport council should take responsibility for 25-year-old Robin Johnson's schooling difficulties. His solicitor said Mr Johnson, from Bramhall, Stockport, was tormented at school by bullies who teased him for his disability ...More from Ananova

    "UK schools must expel bullies." A crackdown on violence and yob culture in schools will be launched by ministers next week in an admission that the Government’s softly-softly approach has failed ...More from the Times

    UK schools keeping bullies in class because of Government targets. Headteachers claim pressure from the Government to reduce exclusions has led teachers to keep bullies in class. The allegation from a headteachers' association comes after the suicides of two teenagers who had complained of bullying. But it is warning that schools keeping bullies in lessons could be open to prosecution under the Human Rights Act for allowing pupils to be subjected to degrading treatment ...More from Ananova

    Bullying victim discusses problem with Blair. A 14-year-old victim of school bullies says she will advise UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair after he asked her for help in tackling children's issues. Joanne Geldart is campaigning for a children's commissioner and has been discussing the idea with the Prime Minister who is her local MP. She attracted national attention earlier this year when she made public a diary she had kept about her bullying ordeal ...More from Ananova

    All the Trash That is Fit to Post. Teasing and telling tales about fellow students is a time-honored tradition. The Web makes it easy, anonymous and, from the principal's perspective, annoying ...More from Wired News

    UK commissioner needed to protect bullied children. A bullied schoolgirl is taking her appeal for an English Children's Commissioner to Downing Street. Nearly 50% of children experience bullying at some point and one in 12 suffers sustained attacks, says the NSPCC. Wales already has a Children's Commissioner and Scotland and Northern Ireland are moving ahead with plans for similar posts ...More from Ananova

    Double exam triumph for bullied eight year old. A British eight-year-old boy is celebrating double GCSE success just two years after bullies forced him out of school. Dylan Cobb scored Grade B in both maths and information technology following nine months' tuition at Watford's Ryde College. His mother Anita Cobb, 45, said the success came after he was pulled out of his school in Devon where he was being bullied ...More from Ananova

    Fears 'keep children indoors' UK children are becoming "couch prisoners", as the fear of being bullied or knocked over by a car stops them playing outside, charities warn ...More from the BBC

    London gang leaders turn on violence. Former gang leaders who carry scars from their violent playground battles are being used to try to deter other children from violence. They are promoting a new anti-violence course which has been piloted at three schools in the London borough of Tower Hamlets over the past year. The scheme, called simply the Non-Violence Project, is now being made available to schools across Britain ...More from the BBC

    Cyber slammed. Kids are getting arrested for online bullying. It is definitely offensive, but is it against the law? The first indication that the seemingly obscure practice of cyber-bullying might have reached outrageous proportions was an item in the New Yorker titled "The New Bathroom Wall" ...More from Salon

    Text message bullies action call. Scottish education chiefs have been urged to draw up rules limiting the use of mobile phones after reports that some pupils were being bullied via text messages. Children at Stirling High School had mobile phones confiscated after threats of physical violence were sent using the short message service. ...More from the BBC

    UK Teen actor Jamie Bell bullied because of gay screen kiss in Billy Elliot. "Some of the younger guys are a bit jealous, threatening to beat me up because I kissed a lad in Billy Elliot. I was kind of taken aback because I was being threatened over something I thought nothing of." - Jamie Bell, quoted in The Star... More from What The Papers Say

    What does a pupil have to do to be excluded? As the UK government outlines new guidelines on the expulsion of unruly pupils, education editor Ros Taylor explains what will get a child thrown out of school... More from the Guardian

    Irish Pop Star Ronan Keating admits he was bullied at school. "The singer is the latest in a line of stars to admit they were bullied. Westlife's Bryan McFadden, 19, was teased for being fat. And Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, 26, was a recluse because she was nicknamed Acne Face" - The Sun... More from What The Papers Say

  • Bullying Worry. Bullying is a big problem in schools and other educational establishments. Recently, a head teacher in the UK was attacked in his office by a parent because he had accused his daughter of bullying. The head teacher, Kevin Pichowski, was saved from greater injury by his secretary's intervention.

    The National Association of Head Teachers said that they were very concerned by such incidents. New figures suggest that as many as one in six teachers have been threatened in some way (either verbally or physically) and as many as one in eight have received abuse from parents.

    Teacherline, who commissioned the survey of 500 teachers, extrapolated the figures, which suggest that 85,000 teachers have received threats of some kind... Visit Teacherline

    Please note
    The information provided by ed-u.com is for help and guidance only and anyone at all unsure of how to deal with the problem, should consult an appropriate professional.


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