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Kate's happier now that she told someone - Click here for a cartoon on bullying.Ed's really glad that Kate told - Click here for a cartoon on bullying.
Get bullying out into the open with! These questions are for children of all ages.

  1. Who is being bullied?

  2. Who is doing the bullying?

  3. When did it start?

  4. How often does it occur?

  5. What does the bully say?

  6. Is anyone made to do anything that they don't want to?

  7. How does it make the bullied person feel?

  8. Does it make it harder to do homework and class studies?

  9. Does it make it difficult to go to school?

  10. Has anyone been told about the bullying?

  11. Has any action been taken against the bullying?

  12. What else could be done to stop the bullying?

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