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  • "When you sell a man a book, you don't sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue - you sell him a whole new life."

    Christopher Morley

  • "Writing a book is an adventure: to begin with it is a toy and amusement; then it becomes a master, and then it becomes a tyrant; and the last phase is just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude - you kill the monster and fling him to the public."

    Winston Churchill

  • Harry Potter books have sold over 100 million copies, but these sales are dwarfed by the Bible, in at number 1, with an estimated 6000 million copies sold and Mao Tse-Tung's Little Red Book, at number 2, with sales of around 900 million.

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    Archived Book and Library Related Stories in the Media

    Rub a Dub Dub, Books for the Tub. Reading while taking a bath is no longer quite so hazardous. Just make sure it's one of several new waterproof titles on the market ...More from Wired News

    308 per word for a sneak preview of Harry Potter V. A small card, measuring 150mm x 210mm and containing a 93-word excerpt of J. K. Rowling's latest Harry Potter book is one of the most expensive postcards in history ...More from The Times

    Literacy strategy fails to improve young readers. Too many children leave primary school unable to read and write as well as they should, says UK Chief Inspector of Schools ...More from The Times

    Library of Congress taps the grid. The world's largest library is evaluating ways to harness grid computing's massive potential to digitally preserve its priceless collections ...More from Wired News

    Oxford University Press add "Jedi", "Klingon" and "warp drive" to new Shorter English Dictionary. "Among the writers whose literary citations appear for the first time are Tom Clancy and Nick Hornby, Helen Fielding and J K Rowling, creator of Harry Potter," says The Telegraph. But Ms Rowling's made-up word "muggle" - referring to people oblivious to the world of magic - is too new to make it this time ...More from What The Papers Say

    President Hosni Mubarak reopens great library of Alexandria 1,500 years after it closed. The 130million Biblioteca Alexandrina, with space for eight million books and the largest reading room in the world, is hoped to "recapture the spirit of the city's ancient seat of learning," says The Guardian. But it's not without controversy - under Islamic law, books which question God cannot be published in Egypt ...More from What The Papers Say

    A novel way to write hit songs. Novelist Madison Smartt Bell's new novel about a songwriter has turned into a life-imitates-art experience: Those songs are now online -- and pretty good, too ...More from Wired News

    Little Brother's fingerprints all over the library. It promised to be the high-tech saviour of the embattled primary-school librarian, an ingenious device that guaranteed no more lost library cards and fewer missing books ...More from the Times

    US Court: Library Filter Law Illegal. The Children's Internet Protection Act, which mandates that public libraries must install filtering software on Internet-accessible computers, is unconstitutional. Judges don't like the buggy technology, either ...More from Wired News

    Authors Question Author's Guild. Writers aren't answering the Guild's call to de-link from Amazon to protest the bookseller's practice of hawking used books ...More from Wired News

    CNN Student News: Tips for reading textbooks. "Yuck!" If that's your reply when your teacher tells you to read a chapter in the history book, you're not alone. Many students, even if they like to read for fun, do not enjoy reading textbooks. Try these tips to make reading for information easier and thus, more enjoyable ...More from CNN

    Full Assault on Filter Software. One US librarian says being forced to install filtering software borders on evil authoritarian tactics as the challenge to the Children's Internet Protection Act continues in court ...More from Wired News

    Oxford Online: Will People Pay? Oxford University Press has launched what may be the world's largest reference collection on the Internet -- with a hefty fee to view it ...More from Wired News

    New push to get British workers reading. Employers are urged to help the many workers in England who cannot read, write or add up properly ...More from the BBC

    Scholars Who Dig-itize Gutenberg. In an ambitious project, the US Library of Congress is digitizing its perfect rendition of the Gutenberg Bible. These high-resolution images could reveal more about Gutenberg's invention of moveable type ...More from Wired News

    Britney Spears encourages kids to read. The Read To Achieve concert - which was, ironically, televised - hoped to encourage parents to read to their children to promote literacy, reports The Sun ...More from What The Papers Say

    US school librarians get Web-savvy. A cartoon posted in Elena Rodriguez's office depicts a librarian at her desk behind a nameplate that reads, "Search Engine." Rodriguez, the librarian at Gunston Middle School, gets a kick out of the reference to Internet sites that retrieve information online. "It fits so naturally into what librarians have always been doing," she said ...More from The Nando Times

    The 'Truth' about teens reading. Librarians hear from a group that many adults do not believe exists: passionate teenage readers ...More from USA Today

    The Classics on 1,500 Words a Day. Classic-Novels, which serializes the classics in e-mail form, publishes its first modern tale. Also: Ebary expands lending program.... Palm gets a dictionary ...More from Wired News

    Teachers 'fast-track Harry Potter lookalikes'. UK teachers are more likely to pick out gifted children if they have Harry Potter looks, says new research. Professor Joan Freeman claims small boys with glasses are likely to give the impression they are intelligent. She says the popularity of the Harry Potter books and film is compounding the problem ...More from Ananova

    Ring: One for the Book. The Fellowship of the Ring will thrill Tolkien fans and newcomers alike. But reviewer Declan McCullagh believes there's still nothing like reading the book ...More from Wired News

    Books At Home Helps In School. Having books at home is among the best predictors of how an Irish teenager will do at school, the OECD report finds ...More from the Irish Times

    Online Library Expands Database. Ebrary adds scientific, medical and business titles from key professional publishers. Also: Struggling netLibrary gets a lifeline, and book clubs unite ...More from Wired News

    Library's booze bid for book buffs. Visitors to one of Scotland's most prestigious libraries could soon be able to buy alcohol under plans being drawn up by council bosses. Glasgow City Council wants to install a bar and cafe inside the Mitchell Library to modernise the 19th century building. The council's is planning a strategy to attract more visitors to all the city's libraries ...More from Ananova

    Harry Potter's ancestors to be revealed scattered in a cave. Real-life finds show that wizards are less fictional than is often believed. "In the Paviland Caves, archaeologists found 'wands' 26,000 years old in an ancient sacred site where the Red Lady of Paviland is buried" explains the Daily Telegraph ...More from What The Papers Say

    Artist Cliff Wright to sell original artwork for Harry Potter books. Mr Wright hopes to raise 20,000 to 30,000 from the watercolours used to illustrate JK Rowling's second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, reports The Telegraph. Elsewhere, there no prizes for guessing what thirtysomething couple Liz and Mark Potter have just named their 8lb 11oz baby son, according to a report by The Mirror's Richard Smith ...More from What The Papers Say

    Professor Stephen Hawking publishes new book The Universe in a Nutshell. If this is supposed to be a dumbed-down version of Hawking's "A Brief History of Time," comments Caitlin Moran in The Times, the great thinker must be "surprisingly poor at imagining how thick I am" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Reclusive author expresses delight at Nobel Prize. Sir V. S. Naipaul, the British author, said yesterday that he was 'utterly delighted' to be awarded the 650,000 ($975,000) Nobel Prize for literature ...More from the Times

    Paper Hub Recycling says over 1 million books pulped in Britain every month. "There's a terrific amount of wastage. It is a crying shame," says boss Brian Oldfield, who tells The Times "publishers are commissioning thousands of titles that no one wants to read" ...More from What The Papers Say

    Eight copies sold is enough. The Frankfurt eBook Awards nominates a non-fiction title that has sold only eight copies. Also: Self-publishing readers dig Frankenstein.... A page-turning contest ...More from Wired News

    Harry Potter inspires thesis. A UK student, who wrote a thesis on the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter novels, is to have her work published in an academic journal ...More from the BBC

    Library: We Don't Want No Filters. San Francisco's board of supervisors bans filters at city libraries, lobbing another salvo at those who want public libraries and schools to keep adult material away from children ...More from Wired News

    Beetles, worms and lice are destroying historic manuscripts, claims British Library. Moths have eaten textiles, reports BBC Online, "while silverfish, along with booklice, have devoured a number of 19th-century watercolours. The gelatine on a collection of 100-year-old photographs proved so tasty that silverfish ate the entire archive, leaving behind just the bare paper" ...More from What The Papers Say

    US school bans Harry Potter books. A US school has banned the best-selling Harry Potter books because they put supernatural powers before God. School principal Sister Lorraine Klein made the decision after reading the first in the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The book by JK Rowling is about a young boy who uses wizardry against evil ...More from Ananova

    Internet piracy spreads from music to books. J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien are the best-selling authors most likely to be copied by internet pirates, according to a survey warning of the rapid spread of file-swapping from the music industry to book publishing ...More from the Financial Times

    Database to chart history of Black and Asian London. The British Library is to build a website charting 465 years of Black and Asian history in London. The plan is to establish a website culling records from a number of different sources, including the British Library and India office ...More from Ananova

    Print-on-Demand Books Cost More. Cover prices for books that don't exist until buyers order them rise as much as 30 % ...More from Wired News

    Saddam Hussein gets rave reviews for his new novel. In spite of CIA claims that he employed a ghost writer, "leading Iraqi academics and journalists working for organs loyal to the state say they have no doubt that their president is the author," says Philip Smucker in The Telegraph ...More from What The Papers Say

    Bill Gates makes $4.2million donation to British libraries. "The list of libraries that will benefit from the American billionaire was published by the body responsible for distributing the money," says The Times. The money will be distributed to London, Barnsley, Birmingham, Darlington, Hartlepool, Manchester, Rochdale, Peterborough, Sunderland and Wigan ...More from What The Papers Say

    A Saucer From Mars? Nope, Canada. A new book details the ups and downs of the Canadian-U.S. flying saucer program of the Cold War era. OK, so there really weren't any ups in the failed experiment ...More from Wired News

    Electronic paper now works in full colour, thanks to a fine filter. The day you can download print onto "electronic paper" and take it anywhere to read just got a step closer. E Ink of Boston has announced that it has succeeded in making electronic paper work in full colour ...More from the New Scientist

    Douglas Adams posthumous unfinished final novel to be published. The Salmon of Doubt and the screenplay for the long-awaited film of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy will be included in a volume of collected works, reports The Independent ...More from What The Papers Say

    WSJ: The Little Dickens. A serialized novel makes its way onto the pages -- and homepages -- of The Wall Street Journal.... Also: Book sites team up for a summer reading contest.... Students at Stanford go wireless ...More from Wired News

    Britannica near extinction?'s guest writer, Sam Vaknin, Economic Advisor to the Government of Macedonia, argues that there is no source of reference remotely as authoritative as the Encyclopaedia Britannica. So, why does it always appear to be on the brink of extinction? ...More from - Internal Article

    US libraries win net filtering delay. Public libraries will have until July 2002 to certify that they have adopted Internet filtering technologies required by a new federal law, under terms of an agreement reached in U.S. District Court. The agreement came during a hearing on the twin lawsuits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Library Association challenging portions of the Children's Internet Protection Act ...More from USA Today

    Kids ask the darnedest things. Do you ever hate yourself? That and other questions are posed in a new book edited by, and for, adolescents and young adults. Also: The first e-books are free ...More from Wired News

    Out of Print, But Into Digital. One of Silicon Valley's leading innovators forms a company that breathes new life into centuries-old books with digital technology ...More from Wired News

    Harry Potter sales pass 100 million milestone. Harry Potter has cast a spell worldwide -- the tales of the teenage wizard have now sold 100 million copies ...More from Lycos

    Teaching Kids About Hacking. A good percentage of computer hackers and crackers are kids, but where can they learn about ethics? A world-renowned hacker realized the gap, and wrote a book for kids (and their un-savvy folks) ...More from Wired News

    New Jersey school experiments with e-textbooks. Students at a New Jersey middle school experimenting with e-texts can no longer get away with the excuse "the dog ate my homework." Administrators at Memorial Junior Middle School in Hanover, New Jersey, say the school is among the first nationwide to experiment with electronic textbooks, meaning some of the school's seventh- and eighth-graders can do all their work -- even take tests -- online ....More from CNN

    Net navigators log on. Self-publishing looks set to become the next "big thing" on the internet. The trend may turn the internet into a more useful tool ...More from the Financial Times

    Are Dead People Really Dead? A new book, Buried Alive, examines the sometimes macabre methods that have been used throughout history to determine whether a body was really a stiff ...More from Wired News

    Library Card Catalog, R.I.P. A Northern California library has a new automated retrieval system that makes books easier to find. But the utterly random nature of the operation has some librarians unnerved ...More from Wired News

    Sotheby's to auction letters of real-life Alice in Wonderland. The sale contains the personal effects of Alice Liddell, who "inspired Lewis Carroll to write his children's fantasy stories after they went on a river trip together in 1862," says The Mirror ...More from What The Papers Say

    Writers Feel Used by Amazon. The Author's Guild feels cheated by Amazon's selling of old books along with new. Also: to push facts over fiction ... and more as M.J.Rose discusses the week's e-publishing news... More from Wired News (Radio 6:45 min)

    Random House Sues for Rights. The dispute rages over rights for e-books versus print books. Slate launches e-books and e-book reviews... More from Wired News

    E Ink: Your Hands Will Thank You. Reading on a PDA or e-book may never be the same. With new electronic ink displays, handheld devices may become lighter, thinner and easier to read than ever before... More from Wired News

    E-Books Are Now on the Shelf. Electronic books are hitting the bookstores in an experiment to see if new technology can be sold the old-fashioned way. And an online bookshop is offering hands-on customer service. Also: E-books do sell, publishers try to sell and authors seek those who sell... More from Wired News

    Library of Congress Goes Digital. The Library of Congress meets its goal of digitizing over 5 million items. But the world's largest library still has a way to go to keep up with the digital age... More from Wired News

    Random House Sets Royalty Rate. In what may become a model for publishers, Random House sets its e-book royalty rate at 50 % of net revenues. Also from M.J. Rose's notebook: e-books at Costco.... tops 2 million pageviews.... Rewrite the first Thanksgiving... More from Wired News

    A Bad Ending for E-Authors. E-publisher MightyWords terminates half its authors and slashes royalties to those it retains. The message to self-published authors is clear: If you want to sell books, sell them yourself... More from Wired News

    At what cost, E-Books? Gemstar is expected to release a pair of e-book devices next month, but publishers have concerns that the $299 (200) price tag of the lower-end model will be too pricey for most would-be customers... More from Wired News

    Pirates Invade Book Publishing. A website that offered links to free downloads of entire texts of copyrighted books by famous authors has changed its homepage and is denying it ever existed. But the question remains: What can the publishing industry do about this Napster-ization of books?... More from Wired News

    Publishers Yearn to E-Learn. Some of the biggest players in textbook publishing are placing their bets on e-learning, hoping to lead the growing space by instilling technology-based learning tools in US classrooms... More from Wired News

    Do You Still Need a Library Card? Students will soon be able to access volumes of electronic works previously unavailable on the Web. Will this digitized knowledge mean an end to the traditional library?... More from Wired News

    The British Library admits to abandoning 300 year-old policy of archiving every published book. "Under copyright law the library receives every new book published in Britain, but it has said that 80,000 have been discarded in the past two years." - The Times... More from What The Papers Say


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