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Please note the following procedures when purchasing over the internet:

If you are using a credit card, ensure that the web-site you intend to transact with is secure. The closed padlock image at the bottom left of your browser on Internet Explorer, an unbroken key on Netscape and a web address beginning with "https://" indicates when you are viewing the secure area of the site.

Some companies will not accept credit card transactions and require a check (cheque) or money order. Give the company a call to satisfy yourself they are legitimate.

Can you find the company's address, phone number and contact details on their site?

In order to register on their site do they ask for your social security number or information about your bank account? Are you sure you want to give that information out?

Do they state an expected delivery date and do they have a returns and refund policy?

Bookmark the site and print out both your purchase details and transaction confirmation. If they don't send a transaction confirmation e-mail, ask for one.

Please note that this transaction information is for guidance only. It does not guarantee indemnity, immunity or safety from fraud or error howsoever caused.

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Buying in Europe? Read Online Consumer Rights - Is your e-business legal? to learn about regulations, rejections and refunds.


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